Doubly Good? Gucci vs. Zara

Doubly Good? Gucci vs. Zara

The two pockets separate 1,950 euros from each other. And still a little more. First of all the obvious facts: the original, the “Dionysus” of Gucci in taupe, costs 1,980 euros. The copy of Zara is only a mere 30 euro! Both bags are made of leather. The Zara model from “cow”, the Gucci model made of suede and smooth leather (no more details). While the lining at Gucci is also made of leather, you can get back to polyester at Zara. The jewelry details are at Zara from a non-defined metal, at Gucci from silver. And the dimensions also make a difference: The original is almost twice as large (width:30 cm, Height:21 cm, Depth: 10 cm). For comparison the bag of Zara:Width:17 cm, Height:14 cm, Depth: 5 cm.

Doubly Good? Gucci vs. Zara

Dionysos and his followers

No snake heads:in the typical buckle of Gucci’s “Dionysus” Handbag from bagliB  (“Dionysus” with “U” is the English spelling), these are two tiger heads. They are to live up to the eponymous “Dionysus”: Dionysus, son of Zeus, crossed – according to Greek mythology – the Tigris River on a tiger that Zeus sent him to send. Snakes are also associated with his person, for example because they were wrapped around the wrists of his “followers” (the so-called “Maenads”). Dionysus was God of wine, of joy, of grapes, of fertility, of madness and of ecstasy – somehow fitting to the Gucci clientele, I find.

The Laurel Wreath

The designers at Zara did not fall on their heads: they chose a laurel wreath for their pocket imitation, which not only arouses more positive associations (also because they open up), but a symbol of moral in in Greek antiquity and mythology Was. If you want to lend a gold medal, you seem to be clear. Because of the battle price (just under 30 euros) Zara has already bestowed this on itself:

More details

And one more difference makes the two pocket models: the cloaking range. While the Zara is partially supplemented by a leather strap (not so much on the skin or clothing), the chain can easily be used as a chain of handles in the Gucci bag: The chain drawn through the rings is easy to double.

No, I don’t. And you can easily see this on the next picture, you could also simply expand the chain in the Zara bag: simply turn the toggle lock lengthwise. and was, you hold a clutch in your hand. The inner life is a matter of taste and of course a question of depth (10 cm at Gucci versus 5 cm at Zara):

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