District Heights, Maryland Population, Schools and Landmarks

District Heights, Maryland is a small city located in Prince George’s County, Maryland. It borders the cities of Forestville, Suitland-Silver Hill, and Capitol Heights as well as several smaller towns such as Marlow Heights and Hillcrest Heights. The city is home to over 8,000 people and is located just 10 miles from the heart of Washington D.C.

District Heights is known for its diversity and cultural attractions. The city has a mix of African American, Hispanic, Asian American, and European American residents that make up the majority of the population. This diversity has made District Heights a vibrant place to live with plenty of shopping options and restaurants to choose from.

The city also offers numerous parks for residents to enjoy including Watkins Regional Park which features a mini-golf course, carousel rides, playgrounds, walking trails and more. There are also two public libraries in District Heights that offer books for all ages as well as computer classes and other educational programs.

Residents can easily access the surrounding cities via public transportation with several Metrobus stops located throughout District Heights making it easy to get around town or commute into Washington D.C. Furthermore, there are several schools in District Heights including District Heights Elementary School as well as Forestville Military Academy which provides an excellent education for students in grades K-8th grade.

All in all, District Heights is an ideal place to live due to its close proximity to Washington D.C., its diverse population and vibrant culture as well as its ample amenities such as parks, libraries and schools that make it a great place for families or singles alike.

District Heights, Maryland

Population of District Heights, Maryland

According to educationvv, the population of District Heights, Maryland is estimated to be 8,527 people. Of this population, 49.9% are African American, 24.3% Hispanic or Latino, 14.2% White (non-Hispanic), 6.6% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 4.9% are multiracial or other ethnicities. The median age of the population is 35 years old and the gender ratio is almost split evenly between male (49.1%) and female (50.9%).

District Heights has a median household income of $55,868 which is slightly higher than the national average of $53,482. The majority of households in District Heights are renter occupied at 61%. Furthermore, approximately 25% of households have children under 18 living with them and nearly one-third of all households have an individual over 65 years old living in them as well.

In terms of education levels attained by residents in District Heights, 77% have a high school diploma or equivalent while only 20% have a bachelor’s degree or higher which is lower than the national average of 33%. Additionally, unemployment in District Heights stands at 7%, which is slightly lower than the national average of 7.4%.

District Heights has a diverse population with a median age that is slightly younger than the national average as well as an unemployment rate that is slightly lower than the national average making it an attractive place to live for many families and individuals alike.

Schools and Education of District Heights, Maryland

District Heights, Maryland is home to many great schools and educational opportunities. The Prince George’s County Public School System serves the area with a variety of elementary, middle and high schools. District Heights Elementary School is one of the most popular schools in town, offering a quality education to students in grades K-8th grade. Forestville Military Academy is another great school in the area that provides an excellent education for students in grades K-8th grade.

In addition to these two schools, there are also several private schools located near District Heights such as St. Mary’s Catholic School and The Washington Christian Academy which offer both religious and secular education options for parents who want their children to receive a private school education.

Higher education options are also available in District Heights with Prince George’s Community College being the closest college or university to the area. The college offers associate degrees in a variety of programs such as business, communications, health sciences, engineering and more. In addition, University of Maryland University College (UMUC) has a satellite campus in Adelphi which is only 12 miles away from District Heights providing access to bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as certificate programs. Check toppharmacyschools for top economics schools in Maryland.

District Heights offers many educational opportunities for its residents ranging from elementary through higher education making it an ideal place for those looking for quality educational opportunities close by.

Landmarks in District Heights, Maryland

District Heights, Maryland is home to many great landmarks and attractions that make it a great place to visit or call home. The first landmark people think of when they hear District Heights is the Prince George’s County Administration Building. This unique building was built in 1968 and houses the county’s administrative offices. It is also home to the Prince George’s County Council Chambers, which are used for meetings and events throughout the year.

Another popular landmark in District Heights is Silver Hill Park. This park features a playground, basketball court, tennis courts, picnic areas and walking trails for visitors to enjoy. The park also has an amphitheater which hosts outdoor concerts during the summer months.

The historic St. Mary’s Catholic Church is another popular landmark in District Heights that has been serving its community since 1851. It is a beautiful church with stained glass windows and other unique features that make it a must-see attraction in town.

The District Heights Library is also a popular landmark in town with many books, events, classes and activities for all ages to enjoy throughout the year. The library also serves as a meeting space for various groups such as book clubs and discussion groups as well as providing access to computers for those who need them.

District Heights offers many great landmarks and attractions that make it an ideal place to visit or live.