Dexter, Maine Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to acronymmonster, Dexter, Maine is located in the heart of Penobscot County and is surrounded by several small towns and cities. To the north lies the town of Garland, which has a population of about 1,200 people. A few miles east is the city of Dexter itself, with a population of around 3,000. Just south of Dexter lies the town of Exeter, home to around 800 people. Further east is Newport, a small city with a population of about 4,000.

To the west lies the city of Corinth with a population of approximately 1,500 people. Located between Corinth and Dexter are two small towns: Bradford and Garland. Both have populations under 500 people and provide convenient access to both cities as well as outdoor recreation options such as hiking trails and lakes for fishing or swimming.

The small towns surrounding Dexter provide visitors with an opportunity to explore rural Maine at its best. Visitors can experience traditional New England charm by visiting local shops or taking an outdoor adventure into one of the many state parks nearby. From historic sites to natural wonders, there’s something for everyone in these charming towns that border Dexter.

Population of Dexter, Maine

According to topbbacolleges, Dexter, Maine has a population of around 3,000 people. It is a small city located in Penobscot County and is surrounded by several small towns and cities. The majority of the population is white (93%), with other ethnic groups making up the remaining 7%. The median age of the population is 42 years old and the gender split is almost even, with 50.3% male and 49.7% female.

The median household income in Dexter is $45,000 per year, slightly lower than the state average of $50,000 per year. However, nearly 25% of households make less than $25,000 per year. This income disparity can be attributed to the fact that individuals in Dexter are more likely to be employed in low-paying service industries such as retail or hospitality than those living in other parts of Maine.

Education levels vary widely among Dexter’s residents; 22% have no high school diploma or GED while 34% have some college experience or higher. The unemployment rate in Dexter is slightly higher than the state average at 5%.

Dexter’s demographic makeup reflects that of many rural towns throughout Maine: predominantly white and aging with a wide range of educational attainment levels and incomes. Despite its small size, this city has plenty to offer visitors looking for an authentic New England experience.

Dexter, Maine

Schools and Education of Dexter, Maine

The schools in Dexter, Maine are part of the RSU #19 school district, which includes the towns of Dexter, Garland and Ripley. This district provides education to students from preschool through grade 12. There are two elementary schools in Dexter, one middle school and one high school.

At the elementary level, students attend either the Dexter Elementary School or the Garland Elementary School. Both schools offer a range of classes including language arts, math, science and social studies as well as special classes such as art and music.

At the middle school level, students attend Nokomis Regional Middle School which offers a full range of courses including language arts, math, science and social studies as well as physical education and special classes such as art and music. At this level students also have access to elective courses such as Spanish or computer science.

At the high school level, students attend Nokomis Regional High School which offers a complete curriculum including college preparatory courses in addition to elective courses such as theater or photography. The high school also provides career-focused programs that are designed to prepare students for college or technical training after graduation.

There is also an alternative learning center for at-risk youth located in Dexter which offers an alternative learning environment with smaller class sizes and more individualized instruction for those who need it most.

The schools in Dexter provide quality education opportunities for its residents with a wide range of course offerings from preschool through grade 12 that can prepare them for college or career training after graduation.

Landmarks in Dexter, Maine

Dexter, Maine is home to many beautiful and unique landmarks that are sure to capture the attention of visitors. The most recognizable landmark in Dexter is the old Dexter Mill which was built in 1826 and is still standing today. It is located on Main Street and has become a symbol of the town’s history and heritage. The mill has been restored and now houses a variety of small businesses, including a restaurant, antique store, gift shop, coffee house, and art gallery.

Another popular destination in Dexter is the historic First Congregational Church which was built in 1818. This church is an example of classic New England architecture with its white clapboard sides, gabled roof and steeple that stands out against the sky. Inside the church are original stained glass windows as well as handcrafted pews from 1818 that have been meticulously preserved over time.

One of the most unique landmarks in Dexter is the Dexter Gristmill which was built in 1875 for grinding grain into flour. The mill originally used a waterwheel to power its machinery but was converted to electricity in the early 1900s. Today, it stands as a reminder of how life used to be when mills were powered by waterwheels instead of electricity.

Other noteworthy landmarks in Dexter include Old Town Hall which was built in 1895 and serves as a reminder of local government from years gone by, as well as several historic homes such as Captain John Tarr House (built in 1790) and Benjamin Farrar House (built in 1810).

Whether you’re looking for historical sites or modern attractions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy when visiting Dexter, Maine.