Dexter, Kansas Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to sciencedict, Dexter, Kansas is a small town located in the south-central part of the state, near the Kansas-Oklahoma border. It is surrounded by a number of other cities and towns that each offer their own unique attractions. To the east of Dexter lies Protection, Kansas, which is home to a variety of historical sites such as the old Protection High School building and the Protection State Bank.

Further to the east lies Medicine Lodge, Kansas, which is known for its Native American history and culture. The city was founded in 1873 by members of the Kiowa tribe and is now home to a variety of museums and monuments that commemorate this rich heritage.

To the south lies Harper County, Oklahoma where visitors can explore sites like Alabaster Caverns State Park and find out about its rich history as an important stop on the Chisholm Trail. Further south lies Woodward County, Oklahoma where visitors can explore its many natural wonders such as Boiling Springs State Park and Black Kettle National Grassland.

To the west lies Coldwater, Kansas which offers a charming downtown area filled with shops and restaurants for visitors to enjoy while exploring its unique culture. Further north lies Greensburg, Kansas which was completely destroyed by an EF5 tornado in 2007 but has since been rebuilt with much of its original architecture still intact.

Finally, just north of Dexter lies Pratt County where visitors can explore sites like Fort Larned National Historic Site or take part in activities such as hunting or fishing at local lakes like Cheney Reservoir or Great Salt Plains Lake.

Dexter sits at an ideal location for those looking to explore all that central Kansas has to offer. From historical sites to outdoor activities, there are plenty of things to do within easy driving distance from Dexter.

Population of Dexter, Kansas

Dexter, Kansas

According to eshaoxing, Dexter, Kansas is a small town located in the south-central part of the state, near the Kansas-Oklahoma border. As of the 2019 census, it had a population of 1,764 people. The majority of residents are white (86%), followed by Hispanic/Latino (6%), African American (2%), and Native American (1%).

The median age in Dexter is 38 years old, with 25% of residents under 18 years old and 10% over 65 years old. The town has a median household income of $48,750 and a poverty rate of 11%.

The largest employers in Dexter are agriculture and manufacturing. Agriculture is responsible for providing jobs to about 10% of the town’s population. Manufacturing makes up about 6% of employment opportunities. Other major industries include retail trade, health care, construction, education services, and accommodation and food services.

The town’s economy has been steadily growing over the past few years due to its close proximity to larger cities like Wichita and Oklahoma City as well as its increasing tourism industry. The local government has invested heavily in infrastructure improvements such as new roads and bridges to attract new businesses to the area.

Dexter is an attractive place for those looking for a small-town feel with easy access to larger cities nearby. With its diverse population and growing economy, it offers plenty of opportunities for those looking to make a new home or start their own business.

Schools and education of Dexter, Kansas

Dexter, Kansas is served by the USD 463 school district. The district consists of one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. There are also several private schools in the area as well as a community college.

The elementary school offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, physical education, and music. The middle school offers an expanded curriculum that includes advanced math courses and foreign language classes. The high school offers a wide range of courses including advanced placement classes and college preparatory classes.

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, students in Dexter have access to alternative learning options such as online courses and virtual classrooms. These options provide students with the opportunity to learn at their own pace while still having access to the same quality of instruction they would receive in a traditional classroom setting.

The district also has an emphasis on technology education with its computer labs and digital media courses available for all grade levels. This provides students with the skills they need to succeed in today’s digital world.

Dexter has a strong emphasis on education for its students. With its comprehensive curriculum and alternative learning options available for all grade levels, it provides students with the tools they need to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

Landmarks in Dexter, Kansas

Dexter, Kansas is home to a variety of landmarks that make it unique and enjoyable to visit. The city is located in the middle of the Great Plains, providing a scenic backdrop for its many attractions.

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Dexter is the historic Main Street Bridge. This bridge was built in 1911 and spans across the Arkansas River. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and is still used today as a tourist attraction and part of Dexter’s history.

Another popular landmark in Dexter is the historic Old City Hall building. The building was constructed in 1877 and served as city hall until it was replaced by a newer structure in 1904. The building now houses several businesses including a restaurant, retail stores, and office space.

The city also has several parks and recreational areas for visitors to enjoy. These include Kennedy Park, which features an outdoor amphitheater, walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and more; Elm Creek Park which offers fishing access; and O’Donnell Park which contains several sports fields for baseball, football, soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball and more.

Finally, Dexter also has several museums that are worth visiting while you are here such as the Little House Museum which showcases pioneer artifacts from life during the 19th century; The Kansas State Historical Society Museum which features artifacts from all over Kansas; and The Pioneer Museum which houses artifacts from early settlers in this area of Kansas.

There are many landmarks to explore while visiting Dexter. From its historic bridges to its recreational areas, there is something for everyone to enjoy.