Deal Island, Maryland Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to maternityetchic, Deal Island, Maryland is a small town located on the western side of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It is bordered by several towns and cities, including Princess Anne to the west, Salisbury to the north, Parsonsburg to the east, and Fairmount to the south. The town of Deal Island is located on a peninsula in Tangier Sound and has a population of just over 1,000 people.

The town of Princess Anne lies approximately six miles west of Deal Island and serves as the county seat for Somerset County. It is home to several historic sites such as Somerset County Courthouse and Historic District, Manokin Presbyterian Church, and Old Princess Anne Jail. The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) can also be found here. UMES offers a variety of degree programs in business management, engineering technology, health sciences, hospitality management and more.

Salisbury lies just over 20 miles north of Deal Island and is home to Salisbury University as well as numerous historical attractions such as Poplar Hill Mansion and Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art. The city also boasts a vibrant downtown area with plenty of shops and restaurants for visitors to explore. Salisbury Zoo is another popular destination here that showcases over 500 animals from around the world including African lions, Bengal tigers, red pandas among many others.

Parsonsburg lies about 14 miles east from Deal Island and offers a variety of things for visitors to do including visiting Assateague State Park or exploring its historic downtown area which includes buildings that date back to 1804. There are also plenty of outdoor activities available here such as fishing at nearby Cathells Creek or hiking along one of its many trails at Pemberton Park Nature Preserve.

Finally, Fairmount lies just 6 miles south from Deal Island offering visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as boating or fishing at nearby Manokin River or hiking along one its many trails at Pemberton Park Nature Preserve.. The city also features several historic sites such as Fairmount Station which served as an important stop on the Underground Railroad during slavery days in America or visit one its many museums like Ward Museum which houses artifacts from Native American cultures around North America.

No matter what your interests are – there’s something for everyone when visiting Deal Island’s bordering cities. From historical attractions like Poplar Hill Mansion or Pemberton Park Nature Preserve; outdoor activities like fishing at Cathells Creek or kayaking along Manokin River; shopping in downtown Salisbury; or exploring Assateague State Park – each city has something special that will make your visit memorable.

Deal Island, Maryland

Population of Deal Island, Maryland

Deal Island, Maryland is a small unincorporated community located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in Somerset County. According to the 2010 census, Deal Island has a population of 1,744 people living in 708 households. The population density is approximately 1,283 people per square mile. The median household income is $35,062 and 19.1% of the population lives below the poverty line.

The racial makeup of Deal Island is predominately White with 74.2% of the population identifying as White and 24.8% as African American or Black. There are also small percentages of Native American (0.3%), Asian (0.5%), and other races (0.3%). Hispanic or Latino individuals make up 3% of the population with 2% being from other races combined with Hispanic or Latino origin (1%).

The majority of residents are over the age of 25 with 59% being between 25-64 years old, while only 6% are under 18 years old and 35% over 65 years old. Most households consist of families with married couples accounting for 57%, single female households making up 33%, and single male households at 10%. The average household size is 2.4 people per household and there are an average 4 persons per family living in Deal Island homes.

The largest employment sectors in Deal Island are retail trade (13%), educational services (12%), health care & social assistance (11%), construction (9%) and transportation & warehousing (7%). Agriculture makes up 4%, professional & technical services 3%, arts entertainment & recreation 3%, accommodation & food services 2%, finance & insurance 1%, and real estate rental leasing 1%. These numbers reflect the rural nature of Deal Island’s economy which relies heavily on agriculture and tourism related industries for its livelihoods as well as its proximity to larger urban centers such as Salisbury which provide access to more diverse job opportunities for residents living on the island.

Schools and Education of Deal Island, Maryland

Deal Island, Maryland is served by the Somerset County Public School System. This system provides educational services to over 6,400 students in grades K-12. The Deal Island Elementary School serves students from pre-kindergarten through 5th grade and has a student population of approximately 456. The school offers a variety of programs such as the Reading Recovery Program, Special Education Services, and the Early Childhood Education Program. The Deal Island Middle School serves students from 6th to 8th grade and has an enrollment of approximately 310 students. The school offers several academic programs including Honors classes, Advanced Placement courses, and Career Technology Education options.

High school aged students attend Washington High School which is located in Princess Anne about 10 miles away from Deal Island. This school offers a variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular activities for its student body of over 1,100 including Advanced Placement classes as well as special education services for those with learning disabilities or other needs. In addition to these traditional public schools there are also several private schools located within 20 miles of Deal Island including Sts Peter & Paul Catholic School in Easton (16 miles away) and Salisbury Christian Schools (19 miles away).

The Somerset County Public Library System operates two branches within 10 miles of Deal Island providing access to books, movies, music CDs and other materials for free or at reduced rates for county residents. In addition to library services the county also provides adult education classes through its Adult Learning Center which offers GED prep courses as well as ESL classes among other topics such as computer literacy training and job skills development courses. Check toppharmacyschools for top biological sciences schools in Maryland.

Overall, access to quality educational options is available to residents living on Deal Island with both traditional public schools as well as private schools located within a reasonable distance from the island. Additionally, there are many resources available such as libraries that provide free access to materials that can be used by both children and adults alike for educational purposes or simply recreational reading material.

Landmarks in Deal Island, Maryland

Deal Island is a small island located in the Chesapeake Bay, in Somerset County, Maryland. It is known for its rural charm and its stunning views of the bay. There are several historic landmarks on the island that make it a great destination for visitors.

The first landmark to visit is the Deal Island Wildlife Management Area. This area has been managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources since 1953 and covers over 4,000 acres of land and water. The wildlife management area includes over 2,000 acres of wetlands, 5 ponds, and 3 miles of shoreline along Deal Island Bay. Visitors can enjoy bird watching, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and more at this scenic spot.

The next landmark to visit is the Deal Island Lighthouse. This lighthouse was built in 1877 and stands at 56 feet tall with a red brick exterior and white lantern room atop it. It was decommissioned in 1934 but still serves as an iconic symbol for Deal Island residents today. The lighthouse can be seen from many locations around the island including from the Deal Island Marina which provides access to nearby Tangier Sound for fishing charters or sightseeing cruises on the bay.

Another popular landmark on Deal Island is St Peter’s Episcopal Church which was built in 1781 and is one of the oldest churches in Somerset County. The church features a white clapboard exterior with stained glass windows inside and out along with an original bell tower constructed from local materials like cedar logs that were sunk into water-filled pits to keep them from rotting away over time.

Finally, there is also a large maritime museum located on Deal Island which showcases artifacts related to local maritime history such as boat models, photographs, tools used by fishermen throughout history and more. The museum also offers educational programs throughout the year that teach visitors about life on Deal Island throughout different periods of time as well as how it has evolved over time into what it is today.

Overall, there are many wonderful landmarks to explore while visiting Deal Island that offer visitors an insight into its unique history and culture including wildlife areas for outdoor recreation, lighthouses for sightseeing opportunities, churches with beautiful architecture and a maritime museum that showcases local artifacts related to maritime life here in Somerset County Maryland.