Dartmouth, Massachusetts Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to bestitude, Dartmouth, Massachusetts is a town located in Bristol County and is bordered by the cities of New Bedford, Fall River, Westport, and Tiverton. This charming coastal community has much to offer with its beautiful beaches, historic sites, and outdoor activities.

New Bedford is a bustling city located just north of Dartmouth on the Atlantic Coast. The city is known for its vibrant port and provides many opportunities for shopping, dining, entertainment, and more. Visitors can explore the historic cobblestone streets of downtown or take a stroll along the waterfront boardwalk. There are also plenty of parks and museums to explore including Fort Taber Military Museum and Buttonwood Park Zoo.

Fall River is located east of Dartmouth on the Massachusetts/Rhode Island border. This city offers a variety of attractions from Battleship Cove Maritime Museum to Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum to beautiful waterfront views along Heritage State Park. Other popular attractions include Marine Museum at Fall River Historical Society and The Narrows Center for the Arts which hosts an array of concerts throughout the year.

Westport is situated west of Dartmouth across Buzzards Bay. This town has something for everyone with its sprawling beaches such as Horseneck Beach State Reservation or Gooseberry Island Preserve as well as numerous shopping centers throughout town. There are also many historic sites to explore such as Grange Hall or Westport Town Hall which was built in 1717.

Last but not least is Tiverton which lies south of Dartmouth across Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. This small town offers plenty of outdoor activities from hiking trails at Tiverton Land Trust or birdwatching along Sakonnet Point Wildlife Refuge to swimming at Fogland Beach or kayaking down Pardon Gray Reservoir. Visitors can also explore local attractions such as Four Corners Arts Center or Gray’s Ice Cream Stand which has been serving delicious ice cream since 1913.

No matter what your interests may be there’s something for everyone when it comes to exploring the bordering cities and towns around Dartmouth. From historical sites to outdoor activities, there’s no doubt that you’ll find something special during your visit.

Population of Dartmouth, Massachusetts

According to biotionary, Dartmouth, Massachusetts is located in Bristol County on the South coast of Massachusetts. It is part of the Greater New Bedford area and has a population of approximately 34,000 people. The town of Dartmouth is comprised of several villages including Padanaram, Smith Mills, Russells Mills, Apponagansett, and South Dartmouth.

The majority of Dartmouth’s population is White (95%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (3%), Asian (1%), and African American (less than 1%). The median age in Dartmouth is 44 years old with about one third of the population being under 18 years old. About one third of households in Dartmouth are married couples while the rest are made up of single individuals or families.

The median household income in Dartmouth is $76,000 while the median family income is $91,000. The town has a poverty rate of 8%, which is lower than both state and national averages. The homeownership rate in Dartmouth stands at 79%, which is higher than both state and national averages as well.

Dartmouth also has an active community with many cultural events taking place throughout the year such as the annual Fourth of July parade or Arts on the Avenue festival held every summer. There are also numerous historic sites to explore such as Padanaram Harbor or Round Hill Lighthouse which was built in 1799.

Dartmouth offers its residents a safe and inviting atmosphere with plenty to do and explore. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities like swimming at Round Hill Beach or visiting historical sites like Smith Mills Historic District there’s something for everyone. With its diverse population and vibrant culture there’s no doubt that you’ll find something special during your visit to Dartmouth.

Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Schools and Education of Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Dartmouth, Massachusetts is home to a variety of educational opportunities for its residents. The town is served by the Dartmouth Public School District which consists of seven schools, including four elementary schools, one middle school, and two high schools. In addition to public education, there are several private schools in the area as well.

The Dartmouth Public Schools are dedicated to providing quality education for all students. The district has implemented a variety of initiatives aimed at improving student outcomes such as the 1:1 Chromebook program and personalized learning plans for each student. The district also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports teams and clubs.

In addition to public education, there are several private schools in Dartmouth offering a variety of educational options. St. Mary’s Elementary School offers an excellent Catholic-based education while All Saints Academy provides a unique Montessori-style curriculum for preschool through eighth grade students.

Higher education is also available in Dartmouth with UMass Dartmouth located just outside of town. UMass Dartmouth offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide range of fields from business to engineering to liberal arts and more. In addition, Bristol Community College has campuses in both Fall River and New Bedford which offer associate degrees as well as career training programs for those looking to enter the workforce or advance their career options.

Dartmouth offers its residents a wealth of educational opportunities from preschool through college. With its highly rated public school district and numerous private school options, there’s something for everyone in Dartmouth. Whether you’re looking to pursue higher education or simply enhance your knowledge base you’ll find what you need here.

Landmarks in Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Dartmouth, Massachusetts is a picturesque town located in the South Coast of Massachusetts. It is home to a variety of landmarks that showcase its unique history and culture. One of the most prominent landmarks in Dartmouth is the Apponagansett Park which was established in 1664 and serves as an important part of the town’s identity. The park features a variety of activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, and more.

The Round Hill Lighthouse is another well-known landmark in Dartmouth. Built in 1817, this lighthouse was used to guide ships through Buzzards Bay for over 150 years. Today, it stands as a symbol of Dartmouth’s maritime heritage and visitors can enjoy picturesque views from its observation deck.

The Smith Neck Friends Meetinghouse is another important landmark in Dartmouth. Built in 1699, this meetinghouse served as an important center for Quaker worship for over two centuries before being restored and turned into a museum in 1969. The museum now features exhibits on Quaker history as well as artifacts from the original meetinghouse.

The Russells Mills Village Historic District is also an important landmark in Dartmouth. This district encompasses several buildings built between 1750 and 1850 which showcase classic New England architecture styles like First Period, Federalist, Greek Revival and more. Visitors can explore these historic buildings to get a better understanding of what life was like during this period of time.

Finally, no visit to Dartmouth would be complete without visiting the Padanaram Harbor area. This popular harbor area features numerous shops, restaurants, marinas and other attractions that attract visitors from all over the world. With its stunning views of Buzzards Bay it’s no wonder why it has become such a popular destination for tourists.

There are plenty of landmarks to explore while visiting Dartmouth Massachusetts. From historic sites like Round Hill Lighthouse or Smith Neck Friends Meetinghouse to bustling harbor areas like Padanaram there’s something for everyone here.