Damascus, Maryland Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to iamaccepted, Damascus, Maryland is a small town located in Montgomery County and is bordered by many other cities and towns. To the north lies Poolesville, Maryland, a rural community known for its historic homes and abundant outdoor recreation. To the east lies Germantown, Maryland, a bustling suburb with plenty of shopping and dining options.

To the south lies Rockville, Maryland, a vibrant city with art galleries, museums, theaters and more. To the west lies Gaithersburg, Maryland – another popular suburb with excellent schools and plenty of family-friendly activities.

These neighboring cities and towns provide Damascus residents with plenty of entertainment options as well as access to quality healthcare services. Residents can easily commute to nearby cities for work or leisure activities or take advantage of local shopping centers in Damascus for daily necessities. Additionally, Damascus offers easy access to major highways such as I-270 which connects residents to Washington D.C., Baltimore and other nearby cities in no time at all.

Damascus is bordered by a variety of vibrant cities and towns that offer something for everyone. From small rural communities to bustling suburbs – there’s something for everyone in this convenient location.

Damascus, Maryland

Population of Damascus, Maryland

Damascus, Maryland is a small town with a population of approximately 8,000 people. According to the 2010 census, the majority of Damascus residents are white (68%), followed by African American (19%), Hispanic or Latino (7%), Asian (3%) and other races (3%).

The median age of Damascus residents is 39 years old and over half of the population is married. The majority of households in Damascus are made up of married couples with children. Additionally, there are many young families in the area with an average household size of 3 people.

In terms of education level, most Damascus residents have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. There are also many college graduates in the area with over 34% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Damascus is a small town with a diverse population that offers something for everyone. From young families to college graduates – this close-knit community has something for everyone.

Schools and Education of Damascus, Maryland

According to TOPPHARMACYSCHOOLS, Damascus, Maryland is home to several excellent schools and educational programs. The town is part of the Montgomery County Public Schools system, which offers students a wide range of educational opportunities.

Elementary schools in Damascus include Damascus Elementary School, John T. Baker Middle School and Damascus High School. All three schools offer rigorous curriculums that meet or exceed state standards and promote student success. Additionally, the town has several excellent private schools such as St. Paul’s Lutheran School and St. Mary’s Catholic School.

The town also offers several adult education programs for those seeking to further their education or gain new skills. These programs include GED classes, English as a second language classes, job training and other courses designed to help adults improve their lives and advance their careers.

Damascus is an ideal place for students of all ages to pursue an education. From elementary schoolers to adults – there are plenty of educational options available in this vibrant city.

Landmarks in Damascus, Maryland

Damascus, Maryland is home to many unique landmarks that make it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The most notable landmark in the town is the Damascus Historic District, which was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1973. This district includes several historic buildings such as the courthouse, several churches, and several homes that date back to the late 19th century.

The town is also home to the Damascus Mill Park and Trail System, which features over seven miles of trails for hiking and biking. This popular park also offers picnic areas, playgrounds, and fishing spots along its winding paths.

The old Damascus United Methodist Church is another great landmark in town. Built in 1871, this beautiful church is still used today for religious services as well as special events such as weddings and concerts. Another popular landmark in town is the historic Damascus Post Office building which has been in operation since 1909.

Finally, there are two large parks located within Damascus – Little Bennett Regional Park and Seneca Creek State Park – both of which offer plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. From camping to fishing to hiking – these parks provide plenty of fun for everyone.