Cynthiana, Indiana Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to sciencedict, Cynthiana, Indiana is a small town located in the southern part of the state, near the Ohio border. The town is surrounded by several other towns and cities, including Aurora, Lawrenceburg, Osgood, Napoleon, and Versailles. Each of these cities has its own unique character which makes them great places to visit or live in.

Aurora is located just five miles away from Cynthiana and is home to a number of attractions such as the Clifty Creek Nature Preserve and the Aurora Country Club. The city also has several historic sites such as the Dearborn County Courthouse and the Old Town Hall Museum which offer visitors a glimpse into the past.

Lawrenceburg is about 15 miles away from Cynthiana and offers plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy. From golfing at Greendale Golf Course to shopping at stores like Walmart Supercenter or Meijer Supercenter – there’s something for everyone in this town. Lawrenceburg also has an array of restaurants ranging from fast food to fine dining options like The Log Cabin Restaurant & Lounge or La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant.

Osgood is about 20 miles away from Cynthiana and features many attractions such as The Osgood State Park which offers fishing, hiking trails, camping sites and more. Other popular spots include Riverside Park with its picnic areas and playgrounds as well as Tecumseh Antique Mall where shoppers can find unique antiques and collectibles.

Napoleon is around 25 miles away from Cynthiana and boasts some interesting historical sites such as Napoleon Courthouse Square which dates back to 1854 or Napoleon Cemetery which was established in 1837. The city also has plenty of restaurants like Big Boy’s Family Restaurant or Stoney’s Pizza & Pub where visitors can grab a bite to eat while admiring downtown Napoleon.

Finally, Versailles lies just 30 miles away from Cynthiana and offers beautiful natural scenery with its rolling hillsides covered in lush green forests. It’s a great place for outdoor activities such as fishing on Lake Bresler or horseback riding at Oakwood Trails Horse Campground. There are also plenty of restaurants like La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant or Versailles Family Diner where visitors can grab a bite after exploring all that Versailles has to offer.

All in all, Cynthiana is surrounded by several interesting cities and towns that offer something for everyone – whether it be outdoor activities, historical sites or simply some delicious food.

Population of Cynthiana, Indiana

Cynthiana, Indiana

According to eshaoxing, Cynthiana, Indiana is a small town located in Dearborn County, about 30 miles from Cincinnati. The population of the town is around 2,000 people according to the 2020 census. It is a rural community with a strong sense of community and pride.

The majority of the population consists of white individuals, making up about 99% of the population. The remaining 1% are made up of African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian and Native American individuals. The median age in Cynthiana is 37 years old and the median household income is $50,000 per year.

The town has a strong agricultural history with many local farms still in operation today as well as several businesses located in downtown Cynthiana. There are also several churches located throughout the town that provide spiritual guidance to its citizens.

Education is important to Cynthiana residents with several public schools available for students ranging from elementary school all the way up to high school. There are also two private schools – St Mary’s Catholic School and St Paul Lutheran School – that serve students from preschool through 8th grade.

Cynthiana has an active senior citizen population with plenty of activities available for them such as bingo nights at the local senior center or trips to nearby cities for shopping or sightseeing excursions. The town also offers plenty of outdoor recreational activities such as fishing at nearby Lake Bresler or hiking on one of many trails in Dearborn County Park Districts forest preserves.

Cynthiana is a small rural community with a lot to offer its residents including great educational opportunities, plenty of outdoor activities and a strong sense of community pride.

Schools and education of Cynthiana, Indiana

Education is a priority for the citizens of Cynthiana, Indiana. The town has several public schools that serve students from elementary school all the way up to high school. The public schools are part of the South Dearborn Community School Corporation and provide a quality education to their students.

At the elementary level, there are two schools – Cynthiana Elementary and Moores Hill Elementary – that provide a well-rounded education in core subjects such as math, science, reading and writing. At the middle school level, there is one school – Crossroads Middle School – where students can explore different elective courses such as art or music while continuing to build on their core knowledge. Lastly, at the high school level, there is one school – South Dearborn High School – which provides an extensive curriculum for its students including college prep classes and extracurricular activities such as sports teams or student clubs.

In addition to public schools, Cynthiana also has two private schools available for preschool through 8th grade students. St Mary’s Catholic School and St Paul Lutheran School both provide religious instruction in addition to core academics. Both schools offer small class sizes and individualized attention to ensure that each student receives an excellent education.

Cynthiana also offers several higher educational opportunities for those looking to further their studies beyond high school. There are several colleges located within an hour’s drive of Cynthiana including University of Cincinnati Clermont College in Batavia, Indiana University East in Richmond, Indiana and Miami University Hamilton in Hamilton Ohio. There are also several technical colleges located nearby such as Ivy Tech Community College Lawrenceburg Campus providing short term certificate programs or specialized training for those interested in a specific field or occupation.

Cynthiana provides its citizens with access to quality educational opportunities at all levels ranging from elementary through college.

Landmarks in Cynthiana, Indiana

Cynthiana, Indiana is a small town located in the southeast corner of the state. It is best known for its small-town charm and historic buildings. From its quaint downtown to its rolling hills, there are plenty of landmarks to explore in Cynthiana.

The first landmark in Cynthiana is the historic North Bend Bridge. Built in 1885, this bridge is one of the oldest bridges still standing in Indiana. It is located along the Ohio River and connects Cynthiana to neighboring communities. It is a popular spot for sightseeing and photography and has been featured in many movies and television shows.

Next up is the Cynthiana Courthouse Square which was built in 1883. This square features a two-story stone building with a bell tower that houses a large clock. The courthouse is surrounded by other historical buildings including two churches, an old jail, and several small businesses. This area of town has been used for many events over the years such as farmers markets, festivals, concerts, parades, and more.

The third landmark in Cynthiana is the Old Post Office Building which was built in 1881. This building was once home to the town’s post office but now serves as a museum showcasing local history and artifacts from around the area. Inside you will find displays of old photographs, documents, furniture, tools, clothing and more.

Fourth on our list of landmarks is the Dearborn County Historical Museum which offers visitors a glimpse into life during colonial times through present day. The museum features exhibits on local history as well as artifacts from around Indiana such as Native American pottery and tools. There are also interactive displays to help visitors learn more about life during different eras throughout time.

Last but not least we have Hillforest Mansion which was built in 1855 by businessman Thomas Gaff who made his fortune from riverboat shipping on the Ohio River. The mansion offers guided tours so visitors can explore its Victorian-style architecture while learning how it was used throughout its history.

These five landmarks are just some of what Cynthiana has to offer its visitors. From its quaint downtown to its rolling hills there are plenty of attractions to explore when visiting this small town.