Cushman, Arkansas Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to whicheverhealth, Cushman, Arkansas is located in the northeast corner of the state, bordering Missouri and Tennessee. It is a small community with a population of just over 500 people. The town was established in 1867 and named for its first postmaster, John Cushman.

The town is surrounded by other small towns and cities such as Pocahontas, Corning, Bono, and Walnut Ridge. These towns each offer unique attractions that bring visitors from all over the region. In Pocahontas you can visit the historic Courthouse Square or take a tour of the historic railroad depot. Corning has an old-fashioned downtown with plenty of shops and restaurants to explore. Bono features an outdoor amphitheater used for country music concerts throughout the summer months while Walnut Ridge has an old-fashioned drive-in movie theater that’s still open for business today.

Cushman itself is a quiet little community with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy such as fishing at Lake Charles or exploring nearby trails like the Ozark Trail or Big Creek Trail in nearby Marked Tree Wildlife Management Area. There are also several local parks including Cushman City Park which features a playground, picnic area, and basketball court.

For those who enjoy history there’s plenty to explore in Cushman as well including stops at the Arkansas State Railroad Museum or visiting one of many historical markers around town such as one marking where Confederate forces crossed into Arkansas during the Civil War or another marking where Union forces crossed into Missouri during Reconstruction era politics.

In addition to its natural beauty and historical significance, Cushman also offers plenty of shopping opportunities from its quaint downtown area to nearby larger cities like Jonesboro which contains several large malls and big box stores. Whether you’re looking for antiques or modern items Cushman has something for everyone.

Cushman is a great place to visit whether you are looking for outdoor adventure or just want to relax in a rural setting with plenty of history around every corner. With its beautiful scenery, friendly people and unique attractions – it’s easy to see why so many visitors choose this small town as their destination when they come to Arkansas.

Population of Cushman, Arkansas

According to fashionissupreme, Cushman, Arkansas is a small town located in the northeast corner of the state. The population of Cushman is around 1,200 people. This small town has a diverse population consisting of people from various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. The majority of the population is made up of Caucasians, but there is also a significant presence of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans.

The median age in Cushman is 38 years old, with approximately one third of the population under 18 years old. The median household income in Cushman is $43,000 per year and the unemployment rate was 6.1% in 2019. Education levels are slightly higher than the national average with almost 30% having at least some college education or a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The majority (about 75%) of Cushman’s population identifies as Christian with smaller percentages identifying as other religions such as Buddhism or Islam. In terms of political affiliations, most voters in Cushman are registered Republican but there are also many registered Democrats and Independents living in town as well.

Cushman is an agricultural community that relies heavily on farming and ranching for its livelihoods. Many people living here work for local businesses such as farms or ranches while others are employed at local schools or hospitals/medical centers in nearby towns such as Corning or Pocahontas. Others may commute to Jonesboro which is about 30 minutes away for employment opportunities there.

Cushman has a small-town feel with an emphasis on family values and community involvement. People here take pride in their town and enjoy spending time outdoors fishing at Lake Charles or exploring nearby trails like the Ozark Trail or Big Creek Trail in nearby Marked Tree Wildlife Management Area. With its diverse population and rural setting – it’s easy to see why so many visitors choose this small town as their destination when they come to Arkansas.

Cushman, Arkansas

Schools and education of Cushman, Arkansas

Cushman, Arkansas is a small town located in the northeast corner of the state with a population of around 1,200 people. Education is an important part of life in Cushman and the town boasts a variety of educational opportunities for its residents.

The school district in Cushman consists of two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The elementary schools are committed to providing students with an excellent education from kindergarten through fifth grade. The curriculum includes math, science, language arts, social studies, and physical education as well as art classes and other electives. All students are also given the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports teams or clubs.

The middle school offers a wide range of courses for students in sixth through eighth grade including world languages, technology classes, art classes, music classes and more. Students also have access to enrichment programs such as student council or debate teams that allow them to explore their interests further.

At the high school level, students can choose from a variety of courses designed to prepare them for college or career paths after graduation. These include advanced placement courses such as calculus or physics as well as career-focused courses such as business management or computer programming. There are also many extracurricular activities offered at the high school level including sports teams and clubs related to various topics like theater or robotics.

In addition to these traditional public schools in Cushman there are also several private schools in the area offering religious-based education options for families looking for more spiritual instruction for their children’s education needs. These private schools offer smaller class sizes and more individual attention than larger public schools providing an environment that encourages learning and growth among its students through faith-based teachings combined with traditional academic studies.

Cushman has a strong commitment to providing its residents with quality educational opportunities no matter what type of schooling they choose for their children’s future success. With its diverse population and rural setting – it’s easy to see why so many families choose this small town as their destination when they come to Arkansas.

Landmarks in Cushman, Arkansas

Cushman, Arkansas is a small town situated in Independence County that is known for its rural beauty and a commitment to providing quality educational opportunities. Aside from its schools, the town also has some notable landmarks that make it an interesting place to visit.

One of the most prominent landmarks in Cushman is the Old Cushman City Hall, which dates back to 1872 and was built as a meeting hall for the city’s government. The building still stands today and is a great example of 19th century architecture with its brick walls and white-painted wood trim. It’s now used as a museum that houses artifacts from Cushman’s past such as old photographs, documents, furniture, and other memorabilia from its early days.

Another landmark in Cushman is the Old Town Park which was established in 1892. There are several monuments here such as one honoring veterans of the Revolutionary War and another honoring veterans of World War I and II. The park also features an amphitheater where various events such as concerts or plays can be held throughout the year.

The historic East Main Street Bridge is another important landmark in Cushman and has been standing since 1911 when it was constructed by local residents using lumber from nearby forests. This bridge spans over Big Creek which runs through town and provides access to both sides of Main Street. It’s a popular spot for taking photos due to its unique design featuring multiple arches along its length.

Finally, no visit to Cushman would be complete without stopping by the Old General Store located at 125 West Main Street which has been open since 1889 when it first opened under different ownership before changing hands many times over the years until finally becoming what it is today – an old-fashioned general store full of antiques, collectibles, vintage items, hardware supplies, and more.

Cushman offers many interesting landmarks for visitors to explore while they’re in town making it an ideal destination for those looking for a unique rural experience while still being close enough to larger cities like Jonesboro or Little Rock if needed. Whether you’re looking for educational opportunities or just want to take in some history – there’s something here for everyone.