Covington, Virginia Population, Schools and Landmarks

Covington, Virginia is a charming small town nestled in the Allegheny Mountains in Alleghany County. The town borders the cities of Clifton Forge and Iron Gate as well as the towns of Hot Springs and Low Moor. Covington is known for its picturesque scenery and quaint downtown area that features a variety of shops, restaurants, and galleries. It is also home to many historic sites that have been preserved to provide visitors with a glimpse into the past.

The city of Clifton Forge lies just to the east of Covington and offers its own unique attractions. This former railroad hub boasts a rich history that can be explored at the Clifton Forge Museum, which houses artifacts from its past. Visitors can also take in views of the surrounding mountains from atop High Street or explore nearby trails for some outdoor recreation.

Iron Gate lies just to the north of Covington and provides easy access to both Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest. The town is home to a number of historic sites including an old jailhouse museum as well as several churches dating back to the 1800s. Iron Gate also has a variety of shops, restaurants, and galleries for visitors to explore while they are in town.

Hot Springs lies just south of Covington and is known for its beautiful mountain scenery as well as its many outdoor recreational opportunities such as fishing, kayaking, rafting, camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding and more. This charming little town also has some interesting historical sites such as an old railroad depot museum that provides visitors with insight into its past life along the tracks.

Finally, Low Moor lies just west of Covington along Interstate 81 and features many attractions such as an old-fashioned general store museum that houses artifacts from its past life as a trading post on Old Turnpike Road; several churches dating back to 18th century; an original 18th century fort; and several other historic sites including two covered bridges that span across Wolf Creek Gorge offering stunning views of surrounding mountainsides. There are also plenty of restaurants, shops, galleries, parks and recreational areas for visitors to explore while they are in town.

Covington Virginia provides visitors with an opportunity to experience small-town charm combined with access to big city amenities like shopping centers and entertainment venues located within nearby cities such as Clifton Forge or Iron Gate or even further away in Roanoke or Harrisonburg VA which are both about an hour away by car from Covington VA making it easy for anyone looking for something different than what they can find at home.

Covington, Virginia

Population of Covington, Virginia

According to existingcountries, Covington, Virginia is a small town with a population of 5,914 people according to the 2019 United States Census. The population is spread out over an area of 8.4 square miles and has a median age of 41.3 years old. Of the total population, 50.9% are female and 49.1% are male. In terms of race and ethnicity, the majority (86%) are White Non-Hispanic or Latino with African American or Black Non-Hispanic comprising 6% of the population and Hispanic or Latino making up 4%. The remaining 4% is comprised of two or more races including Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander and others.

In terms of education levels, Covington residents have achieved a high level compared to other cities in Virginia with 87% having at least some college education and 28% having a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. The median household income for Covington is $36,366 which is lower than both the state average ($59,588) and national average ($57,652). The most common occupations in Covington include Retail Salesperson (7%), Food Preparation & Serving Worker (7%), Office Clerk (6%), Elementary & Middle School Teacher (5%), Cashier (5%) and Registered Nurse (4%).

The cost of housing in Covington is slightly lower than the national average with a median home value of $122,400 compared to $184,700 nationally according to Zillow Real Estate Data for 2019. There are also many rental options available in Covington with an average rent price of $841 as reported by Rent Jungle for 2020.

Covington provides visitors with small-town charm combined with access to big city amenities like shopping centers and entertainment venues located within nearby cities such as Clifton Forge or Iron Gate or even further away in Roanoke or Harrisonburg VA which are both about an hour away by car from Covington VA making it easy for anyone looking for something different than what they can find at home.

Schools and Education of Covington, Virginia

Covington is served by Alleghany County Public Schools, providing quality education to its students. There are three elementary schools, Clifton Middle School and Alleghany High School. The county has a graduation rate of 92% and the schools provide various programs for the students such as Advanced Placement classes, Dual Enrollment classes, and CTE (Career Technical Education) courses. Check toppharmacyschools for top fine arts schools in Virginia.

The schools also offer a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, clubs and organizations, student government, and music/drama programs. Additionally, there are several tutoring opportunities available on campus such as after school tutoring programs or one-on-one tutoring with faculty members.

Alleghany County Public Schools is also committed to helping its students achieve their highest potential by providing support services such as special education services for those who need them. The district also offers alternative education programs for students who need additional guidance or support in order to reach their academic goals.

In terms of higher education opportunities in Covington, there are several nearby colleges and universities including Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA (45 minutes away), Emory & Henry College in Emory VA (30 minutes away), Radford University in Radford VA (50 minutes away), and James Madison University in Harrisonburg VA (1 hour away). All of these institutions offer a variety of degree programs to choose from allowing Covington residents access to higher learning opportunities close by.

Covington provides its residents with an excellent educational system that is focused on helping students achieve their academic goals while also providing them with various extracurricular activities that allow them to explore different interests outside of the classroom. With multiple higher education options nearby, Covington is an excellent place for anyone looking to further their educational journey or just explore new learning opportunities.

Landmarks in Covington, Virginia

Covington, Virginia is a small town nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The town is home to a variety of historic landmarks that highlight its rich history and culture. One of the most prominent landmarks in Covington is the Alleghany County Courthouse. Built in 1876, this imposing structure has served as the center of justice for over 140 years. The courthouse features a large clock tower with four faces and a grand central staircase leading up to its entrance. Its exterior is made up of white brick walls and red sandstone columns, which give it an air of grandeur and elegance.

Another landmark in Covington is the Clifton Forge Railroad Station. Built in 1901, this station was once an important hub for transporting passengers and goods around the region during the 19th century. In addition to its beautiful design, the station also features several historical artifacts from its past including an old steam engine and various railway memorabilia such as tickets and timetables from its heyday.

The Historic Mason-Dixon Line Monument can also be found within Covington’s city limits. This monument marks the northernmost point on the original Mason-Dixon Line which divided Maryland from Pennsylvania during colonial times. It consists of two granite stones that are inscribed with “MD” on one side and “PA” on the other side as well as several other markers along various points along its path.

Covington is also home to several religious landmarks including Christ Episcopal Church, Staunton Presbyterian Church, First United Methodist Church, and Stonewall Baptist Church which all date back to before 1900s when Covington was first established as a small rural community by settlers coming from Pennsylvania and Maryland looking for new opportunities in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley region.

In addition to these landmarks, there are also many other attractions in Covington such as art galleries, museums, restaurants, shops and more that make it an excellent place to visit or live for anyone looking to explore all that this charming little town has to offer.