Covington, Louisiana Population, Schools and Landmarks

Covington, Louisiana is a small city located in the southeastern corner of the state, just across the Mississippi River from New Orleans. It is bordered by several cities and towns, including Mandeville, Slidell, Madisonville, and Abita Springs. Covington itself is a vibrant community with an eclectic mix of architectural styles that reflect its long history as a river port and trading center.

The city of Mandeville lies just to the north of Covington and was established in 1834. It has become an affluent suburb of New Orleans over the years, with many historic homes built in the late 1800s still standing today. The downtown area has been revitalized in recent years with boutique shops, restaurants, and galleries. One popular attraction is Fontainebleau State Park which features miles of lakeside trails and beachfront camping sites.

To the east of Covington lies Slidell which was founded as a trading post in 1882 on Lake Pontchartrain’s northern shore. Today, it is known for its seafood restaurants serving some of Louisiana’s best crawfish dishes as well as for its annual Mardi Gras parade. Visitors can also explore nearby Bogue Chitto State Park where they can take part in activities such as canoeing or fishing on one of the park’s two lakes or hiking on its scenic trails.

Madisonville lies just west of Covington along Lake Pontchartrain’s northern shore and was established in 1810. It is home to several historic buildings such as The Tchefuncte River Lighthouse which dates back to 1837 and provides stunning views over Lake Pontchartrain from its observation deck at night. Other attractions include Madisonville Historic District which features 19th century Creole cottages along with several antique stores selling unique items from local artisans.

Finally, Abita Springs lies to the northwest of Covington and was founded in 1886 by John Abita Davis who named it after his daughter Abigail Davis Taylor who was born there that year. This quaint town has become a popular tourist destination thanks to its craft breweries offering tours around their facilities as well as several art galleries featuring works by local artists situated throughout downtown Abita Springs.

Covington is surrounded by many beautiful cities and towns that offer visitors plenty to see and do during their stay in this region of Louisiana. From exploring historical sites such as Fontainebleau State Park or Madisonville Historic District to enjoying outdoor activities like canoeing or fishing at Bogue Chitto State Park or sampling local craft beer at one of Abita Springs’ breweries; there’s something for everyone here.

Covington, Louisiana

Population of Covington, Louisiana

According to maternityetchic, Covington, Louisiana is a small city located just outside of New Orleans in St. Tammany Parish. With a population of just over 8,000 people, it is a relatively small community with a rich history and culture. The city was founded in 1813 by John Wharton Collins and named after General Leonard Covington, who fought in the War of 1812.

The majority of Covington’s population consists of White Americans, making up 81% according to the 2010 census. African Americans make up 15%, and Hispanics make up 3%. The remaining 1% consists of other races such as Asian Americans and Native Americans.

The median household income in Covington is around $50,000 per year, which is slightly lower than the national average. The unemployment rate in the city is also slightly higher than the national average at 5%. However, this number has been steadily decreasing over time due to the city’s strong economy and job growth.

The majority of Covington residents are employed in professional jobs such as healthcare, education services, finance and insurance services, and retail trade. In addition to these industries, there are also many small businesses located throughout the city that employ local residents. These businesses range from restaurants to retail stores to professional services firms such as law offices or accounting firms.

Covington is home to several educational institutions including Northshore Technical Community College as well as numerous private schools such as St Paul’s School and St John’s Episcopal School. These institutions provide students with access to higher education opportunities that can help them further their career goals or pursue their desired field of study.

Covington is a great place for families or individuals looking for a quiet place to live with plenty of opportunities for employment and education within reach. With its close proximity to larger cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge, it offers an ideal balance between urban amenities and rural tranquility that make it an attractive destination for anyone looking for a new home.

Schools and Education of Covington, Louisiana

Covington, Louisiana is home to a number of educational institutions that provide students with access to higher education. Northshore Technical Community College is the largest college in the city, offering a range of programs and courses in various disciplines including business, engineering, nursing, and more. The college also offers continuing education classes for those looking to further their career or pursue other interests. Check toppharmacyschools for top physical therapy schools in Louisiana.

In addition to Northshore Technical Community College, Covington is home to several private schools that offer quality education for students of all ages. St Paul’s School is a K-12 school that provides students with an excellent academic foundation as well as extracurricular activities such as music and art classes. St John’s Episcopal School is another private school in Covington which offers a rigorous academic program for students from pre-K through 12th grade. The school also has a strong focus on character development and spiritual growth.

Covington also has several public schools within its city limits which provide quality education for local children. These schools are part of the St Tammany Parish Public School System which serves more than 40,000 students across the parish. The system has been ranked among the best in Louisiana due to its commitment to providing high quality instruction and innovative programs that prepare students for success in college and beyond.

Covington provides numerous educational opportunities for both younger children as well as adults looking to further their studies or pursue other interests. With its close proximity to larger cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge, it offers an ideal balance between urban amenities and rural tranquility that make it an attractive destination for anyone looking for a new home.

Landmarks in Covington, Louisiana

Covington, Louisiana is home to a number of beautiful and historic landmarks that are sure to delight visitors and locals alike. One of the most well-known landmarks in the city is the historic St. Tammany Courthouse, which has been standing since 1883 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The courthouse offers tours throughout the year, giving visitors an up-close look at its stunning architecture and artwork.

The Covington Trailhead Museum is another popular landmark in Covington, with exhibits focusing on local history and culture. The museum contains a variety of artifacts from Native American tribes as well as items from early settlers in the area. Visitors can also take part in guided tours or attend special events throughout the year to learn more about Covington’s past.

The Bogue Falaya Park is another popular destination in Covington, offering visitors a chance to explore nature trails, picnic areas, and more. The park also features a large playground area for children as well as a splash pad for those hot summer days. Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities for fishing and boating on its two lakes which provide stunning views of the surrounding area.

Finally, no visit to Covington would be complete without exploring its vibrant downtown district featuring unique shops and restaurants that offer something for everyone’s taste buds. Visitors can explore historical buildings such as The Columbia Theatre or take part in live music events at local venues like The Cypress Room or Jackalope Bar & Grill. With so much to see and do, it’s easy to understand why so many people call Covington their home.