Cottonwood, Alabama Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to watchtutorials, Cottonwood, Alabama is bordered by several cities and towns. To the north of Cottonwood lies the city of Dothan which is the county seat of Houston County. Dothan is a vibrant city with a population of over 65,000 and offers many attractions such as the Wiregrass Museum of Art, the Adventureland Theme Park, and much more. To the east of Cottonwood lies the town of Cowarts, which is a small rural community with a population just over 1,000. Cowarts has a few restaurants and shops but mostly consists of family-owned farms and acreages. Further east lies the larger town of Taylor which has a population around 5,000 people. Taylor has several restaurants, shops, and attractions such as The Alabama Peanut Festival held each year in October. To the south lies Headland which is home to nearly 4,000 people and offers many recreational activities such as golfing at its scenic golf course or fishing in its local lakes. Lastly, to the west lies Malvern which is an unincorporated community with a population just under 2,000 people. Malvern offers some unique attractions such as The Southern Pines Golf Course or The Malvern Historic District filled with Victorian-style homes from the late 1800s.

Cottonwood, Alabama

Population of Cottonwood, Alabama

Cottonwood, Alabama is a small town located in Houston County with a population of just over 1,500 people. The town consists of a diverse demographic with the majority of residents being white (68%) followed by African American (29%), Hispanic (1.4%), and other races making up the remaining 2%. The median age of Cottonwood is 33 years old with approximately 18% of the population being under 18 years old and 13% being over 65 years old. The median household income for Cottonwood is just over $37,000 which is slightly below the national average. .

Schools and education of Cottonwood, Alabama

Cottonwood, Alabama is served by the Houston County School District which is committed to providing quality education to its students. The district consists of 8 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools. The town of Cottonwood is home to Cottonwood Elementary School which serves students from kindergarten through 5th grade. Cottonwood Middle School serves 6th through 8th graders and Cottonwood High School serves 9th through 12th graders. The district also offers several special programs and services such as the Advanced Placement Program, a variety of extra-curricular activities including athletics, band, choir, art club and more; as well as summer school programs for students who need additional help or want to get ahead in their studies.

In addition to public schools, the town of Cottonwood also has a few private schools offering K-12 education such as Covenant Christian Academy or St. Mary’s Catholic School. These private institutions offer a more faith-based education with an emphasis on spiritual growth in addition to academic excellence.

The town of Cottonwood also provides access to higher learning opportunities with nearby Wallace Community College located just 15 minutes away in Dothan offering associate degrees or certificates in various fields from business administration to nursing and more. With all these educational resources available within close proximity of the town, residents of Cottonwood have plenty of options when it comes to providing their children with quality education for years to come.

Landmarks in Cottonwood, Alabama

Cottonwood, Alabama is home to a variety of landmarks that make the town unique and special. The most prominent landmark in Cottonwood is the Cottonwood Courthouse Square which is the center of the town and has been since its founding in 1847. The courthouse square is now a historic site that has been preserved and renovated, offering visitors a glimpse into the past with its original brick buildings and antique street lamps. Check bridgat for highways in Alabama.

The Cottonwood Town Hall is another notable landmark located on the courthouse square. This building dates back to 1892 and was once used as a meeting place for public events such as town meetings, political rallies, concerts, plays and more. It has since been restored to its original condition and now serves as a museum with artifacts from the town’s history on display.

The nearby Cottonwood Museum of History is also worth visiting for those interested in learning about the area’s past. This museum offers exhibits highlighting various aspects of life in Cottonwood from its early days as an agricultural community to its present-day status as a growing suburb of Dothan.

The Cottonwood Public Library can also be found on Main Street near the courthouse square. This library offers an impressive collection of books, magazines, newspapers and other media for residents to enjoy or borrow for free with their library card. The library also hosts various events throughout the year such as book readings, movie screenings or art classes for children and adults alike.

Finally, no visit to Cottonwood would be complete without stopping by one of its many parks including Rivers Park on Main Street which offers plenty of open space for outdoor activities such as picnicking or playing sports; or Veterans Memorial Park which honors local veterans with monuments dedicated to their service and sacrifice for our country.