Colquitt, Georgia Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to photionary, Colquitt, Georgia is a small town in Miller County located on the border of Georgia and Florida. It is situated just off Interstate 75, making it an easy drive to both Atlanta and Tallahassee. The town has a population of around 1,500 people and covers an area of 4.3 square miles.

The town was founded in 1858 by William Colquitt, who named it after his father, James Colquitt. The city was incorporated in 1885 and served as the county seat until 1906 when it was moved to Colquitt, Georgia. Over the years, Colquitt has grown significantly and is now home to numerous businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, banks, gas stations and other services.

Colquitt is bordered by several cities and towns including Donalsonville to the north; Bainbridge to the east; Edison to the south; Blakely to the southwest; and Meigs to the west. All of these cities are within 30 miles of Colquitt making them easily accessible for day trips or weekend getaways.

Donalsonville is located just 10 miles north of Colquitt along US Highway 84. This small city has a population of around 3,400 people and offers many attractions including shopping centers, restaurants, parks and recreation facilities. It also houses Donalsonville Hospital which provides medical care for residents in surrounding counties.

Bainbridge lies approximately 20 miles east of Colquitt along US Highway 27/84/319/981 towards Tallahassee Florida. This city has a population of over 12,000 people and features various attractions including parks such as Earle May Boat Basin Park which offers camping sites as well as fishing areas; historic sites like Bainbridge-Decatur County Historical Museum; shopping centers like The Shoppes at Bainbridge Mall; dining spots like Cafe Campesina Mexican Restaurant & Bar; entertainment venues like River City Players Theatre Company; plus much more.

Edison lies about 15 miles south from Colquitt along US Highway 27/84/319/981 towards Tallahassee Florida with a population over 1,000 people. This quaint little town offers plenty of attractions such as its historic downtown district featuring various shops such as Edison Antiques & Collectibles Store among other diverse businesses; plus outdoor activities at nearby Lake Talquin State Forest where visitors can enjoy camping sites or trails for hiking or biking purposes among others.

Blakely is situated about 25 miles southwest of Colquitt on US Highway 62 towards Dothan Alabama with a population of over 5300 people offering many different attractions such as its historic downtown area which features numerous shops such as Blakely Arts & Crafts Market among others plus outdoor activities at nearby Taylor Park which provides playgrounds plus picnic tables among other amenities. Lastly, Meigs lies west of Colquitt near Chattahoochee National Forest with a population of around 1000 people offering plenty of attractions including its historic downtown district featuring various shops such as Meigs General Store among other diverse businesses plus outdoor activities at nearby Lake Seminole Park which provides boat ramps plus fishing areas among other amenities.

Colquitt, Georgia

Population of Colquitt, Georgia

According to psyknowhow, Colquitt, Georgia is a small town located in the southwest corner of the state, with an estimated population of 2,837 according to the 2010 US Census. It is a rural area with a rich history dating back to the early 1800s when settlers first arrived in the area. The town is home to several historic buildings and sites including the Colquitt County Courthouse and several churches.

The majority of Colquitt’s population is made up of White Americans, accounting for 83.7% of residents in 2010. African Americans make up 11.4%, while Hispanics and Latinos make up 3%. Other races such as Asian and Native American make up less than 1% of the population each. The median age for Colquitt residents is 38 years old, slightly higher than Georgia’s statewide median age of 37 years old.

In terms of education attainment, Colquitt residents have an average educational level slightly below that of Georgia as a whole; 25% have no high school diploma or equivalent compared to 21% statewide, while just 15% have a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to 28% statewide. The median household income for Colquitt residents is $38,974 per year compared to $51,037 per year for all Georgians; this reflects both lower educational attainment levels as well as lower wages for many jobs in this region due to its rural setting and lower cost-of-living expenses associated with it.

Colquitt also has a higher poverty rate than the state average: 18%, compared to 14% statewide; this rate has increased over recent years due largely to job loss in the area as local industries such as timber production have declined over time due largely to environmental regulations limiting production levels or outright banning certain activities deemed harmful to nature preservation efforts. Additionally, there are fewer opportunities in terms of healthcare access since Donalsonville Hospital provides medical care only for residents from surrounding counties rather than those within Colquitt itself; however, there are some primary care clinics located within town that provide basic services such as checkups and vaccinations among other needs for those who lack health insurance coverage or who cannot afford more expensive alternatives at private practices elsewhere in Georgia.

Schools and education of Colquitt, Georgia

Colquitt, Georgia is home to several schools, including a public high school, middle school, and elementary school. Colquitt County High School is the primary educational institution in the area and serves students from grades 9-12. The school has a total enrollment of around 1,400 students and offers an array of courses and activities for its student body. The high school also includes a number of sports teams that compete in various conferences throughout the year.

Colquitt County Middle School serves students from grades 5-8 while Colquitt Elementary School provides education for the younger grades of kindergarten through fourth grade. Both schools provide quality education for their respective student bodies with highly qualified teachers and staff members making sure that all students have access to the best educational opportunities possible.

In addition to these public schools, there are also several private schools located in Colquitt. These include Faith Baptist Academy which offers classes from preschool through 12th grade as well as Cornerstone Christian Academy which provides alternative education options for those seeking a more faith-based education.

The average educational attainment level among Colquitt residents is slightly below that of Georgia as a whole; 25% have no high school diploma or equivalent compared to 21% statewide, while just 15% have a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to 28% statewide. Those seeking higher education opportunities can take advantage of nearby institutions such as Bainbridge College and Southwest Georgia Technical College both located within 30 miles from Colquitt itself.

Colquitt offers its residents quality educational options for those of all ages ranging from preschoolers to college-bound seniors looking to further their studies beyond high school graduation. With its excellent public schools providing quality learning experiences as well as nearby private institutions offering alternative learning methods, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone in this small town looking to pursue their academic goals and dreams.

Landmarks in Colquitt, Georgia

Colquitt, Georgia is a small town located in the southwestern region of the state. With a population of just over 2,000 people, Colquitt is an idyllic community with plenty of attractions for both locals and visitors alike. From its historic downtown area to its many parks and recreational areas, there is something for everyone in this quaint southern town.

One of the most popular landmarks in Colquitt is the historic downtown area. This area features a number of charming shops and stores that have been around since the town was founded in 1853. Visitors can enjoy browsing through antiques and other unique items while also taking in the beauty of this old-fashioned district. There are also several restaurants located here that serve up delicious southern cuisine for those looking to take a break from shopping or sightseeing.

Another popular attraction in Colquitt are the various parks and recreational areas scattered throughout town. The largest park is Gaskin Park which offers a variety of activities such as tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas. For those looking for outdoor activities such as fishing or camping there are multiple fishing spots around Colquitt as well as camping options at nearby Lake Seminole State Park which is just a short drive away.

In addition to its natural beauty, Colquitt also has some interesting cultural attractions such as The Cotton Museum which chronicles the history of cotton farming in Georgia through interactive exhibits and artifacts from days gone by. There is also The Old Jailhouse Museum which details what life was like for inmates back when Colquitt served as a county seat before it became part of Miller County in 1856.

Colquitt is full of interesting landmarks both cultural and natural that make it an ideal destination for anyone looking to experience all that southern charm has to offer without having to travel too far away from home. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or unique historical sights, there’s something here for everyone.