Cedartown, Georgia Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to watchtutorials, Cedartown, Georgia is a small city located in Polk County, near the Alabama and Georgia state lines. It is situated in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and is part of the larger Rome-Summerville Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city was named after the abundance of cedar trees that once grew in the area. It is home to approximately 9,500 people and has a rich history dating back to 1834 when it was established as a trading post.

Cedartown is bordered by several towns and cities including Rockmart, Cave Spring, Lindale, Silver Creek, Esom Hill, Rydal, Aragon and Taylorsville. Each of these towns offers its own unique attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy.

Rockmart is located just 10 miles south of Cedartown on Highway 27. This historic town offers plenty of shopping opportunities at its downtown square as well as plenty of outdoor activities such as biking trails at Rockmart City Park or visiting nearby Red Top Mountain State Park for camping or fishing.

Cave Spring is located about 12 miles west of Cedartown on Highway 411. This small town features plenty of antique stores where shoppers can find unique items from past eras as well as many restaurants where visitors can enjoy delicious meals made with local ingredients.

Lindale is about 14 miles east of Cedartown on Highway 278 and features several charming shops along its Main Street district such as a gift shop featuring handmade items from local artisans or an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with homemade flavors like peach cobbler or rocky road.

Silver Creek lies about 15 miles north of Cedartown on Highway 411 and offers visitors plenty to do with attractions like Silver Creek Falls State Park which features hiking trails that lead to stunning views or exploring nearby Sweetwater Creek State Park which features a lake for fishing and kayaking opportunities along with nature trails for bird watching or horseback riding.

Esom Hill lies just 8 miles south of Cedartown off Highway 27 and has something for everyone with attractions like Esom Hill Motor Sports Park for go karts or dirt track racing or The Rock Ranch which features zip lining courses over open fields and ponds along with other outdoor activities like fishing or miniature golfing.

Rydal lies approximately 11 miles southeast off Highway 278 near Carters Lake where visitors can enjoy boating, fishing or swimming during warmer months while Aragon sits about 13 miles southeast off Highway 278 offering shopping opportunities at its quaint downtown district including antique stores filled with unique finds from past eras. Finally, Taylorsville lies roughly 16 miles southwest off Highway 411 featuring an old-fashioned general store filled with all kinds of goodies ranging from fresh produce to hand-crafted items made by local artisans.

There are many towns surrounding Cedartown that offer something special for everyone. From outdoor activities at nearby state parks to shopping opportunities in quaint downtown districts each one provides visitors with an array of experiences they won’t forget.

Cedartown, Georgia

Population of Cedartown, Georgia

Cedartown, Georgia is a small town located in Polk County with a population of 9,750 according to the 2019 census. The city has a diverse population with people of various backgrounds and ethnicities living together in harmony. The majority of the population is white (66%), followed by African Americans (30%) and Hispanics (2%). Other races include Asians, Native Americans, and people from other countries.

The median age in Cedartown is 37 years old, with 30% of the population under 18 years old and 21% over 65 years old. This reflects the fact that Cedartown is a relatively young city with many families raising children here. There are also many retired residents who have chosen to settle down in this community due to its peaceful atmosphere and friendly neighbors.

The economy in Cedartown is based on agriculture, manufacturing, retail trade, and services. Agriculture still plays an important role in the local economy as there are several farms located near the city limits where crops such as cotton, corn, soybeans, peanuts, and hay are grown for both local consumption as well as export purposes. Manufacturing is also an important sector here as it provides employment opportunities for many residents while retail trade helps support the local businesses that serve their customers every day. Finally, services such as health care providers or educational institutions provide additional jobs for locals who wish to work in those fields.

Cedartown has a small but vibrant population with plenty of opportunities for those seeking employment or leisure activities to enjoy all year round. With its friendly citizens and beautiful scenery it’s no wonder why so many people have chosen to call this charming town home.

Schools and education of Cedartown, Georgia

Cedartown, Georgia is proud to have a high-quality educational system that offers students of all ages the chance to get a quality education. The city is served by the Polk County School System, which consists of six public schools: three elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and one alternative school. All of these schools are dedicated to providing students with the best possible learning experience and prepare them for success in college or their chosen career path.

The elementary schools in Cedartown are Eastside Elementary School, Westside Elementary School, and Northside Elementary School. These schools provide students with an excellent foundation for their future education by offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers all core subjects such as language arts, math, science, social studies, art and music. The middle school is Cedartown Middle School which offers a wide range of courses for students in grades 6-8 including language arts, math, science, social studies as well as physical education and electives such as music and art.

Cedartown High School is the only high school in the district and provides students with an excellent educational experience. The curriculum at Cedartown High School includes all core courses such as English language arts, math, science and social studies as well as advanced classes like AP courses for those who wish to challenge themselves further academically. In addition to these classes there are also many extracurricular activities available at Cedartown High School such as sports teams (football and basketball), clubs (debate club or chess club) or academic teams (robotics or debate).

Finally, there is also an alternative program offered in the district called Cedar Ridge Academy which provides an alternative learning environment for those who need additional assistance in order to be successful academically. This program focuses on providing individualized instruction tailored to each student’s needs so that they can reach their full potential both inside and outside of the classroom setting.

Cedartown has an excellent educational system that provides its students with everything they need to succeed academically while also offering plenty of extracurricular activities for those who wish to explore other interests.

Landmarks in Cedartown, Georgia

Cedartown, Georgia is a small city located in the northwest corner of the state, just south of Rome. The city has a rich history and is home to a number of unique attractions. Here are some of the most popular landmarks in Cedartown that you won’t want to miss. Check bridgat for highways in Georgia.

First, there’s the historic downtown area. This area features several historic buildings from the 19th century, including the Polk County Courthouse and Polk County Jail. The courthouse was built in 1878 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are also several shops and restaurants located here as well as art galleries and live music venues.

Next up is Cedar Creek Park. This park is a great place to take a walk or just relax and enjoy nature. It’s home to numerous wildlife species such as deer, foxes, beavers, birds, and more. The natural beauty of Cedar.