Cedar Vale, Kansas Population, Schools and Landmarks

Cedar Vale, Kansas is a small town surrounded by several other towns and cities that offer an array of activities for visitors and locals alike. To the north lies the city of Wellington, which is home to several attractions including the Chisholm Trail Museum, the Wellington Historic Museum, and the Wellington Zoo. To the east lies Winfield, a historically rich town with plenty of antique shops and museums to explore. South of Cedar Vale lies Arkansas City which has a variety of recreational activities such as golf courses, fishing ponds, parks, and more.

To the west lies Anthony which is home to several historical sites such as The Old Cowtown Museum which showcases Wichita’s history from 1865-1880; The Old Adobe Trading Post which features Native American artifacts; and The Anthony Historical Museum which offers a variety of exhibits on local history.

The surrounding towns provide plenty of options for entertainment and exploration. In addition to museums and historic sites there are also golf courses in Wellington; fishing spots in Arkansas City; hiking trails in Winfield; amusement parks in Anthony; bowling alleys in Arkansas City; movie theaters in Wellington; wineries near Anthony; shopping centers near Winfield; and much more.

There are plenty of things to do close to Cedar Vale Kansas whether you’re looking for something educational or just want to have some fun. With so many nearby cities and towns there’s something for everyone.

Cedar Vale, Kansas

Population of Cedar Vale, Kansas

According to educationvv, Cedar Vale, Kansas is a small town located in Chautauqua County with a population of approximately 600 people. The majority of the population is white, with a smaller percentage of African American and Hispanic citizens. The median age in Cedar Vale is 47.2 years old, with an average household size of 2.7 people.

The town has a strong agricultural history and many of its citizens still work in farming or related industries. There are also several small businesses in the area that provide goods and services to the local community such as restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, hardware stores, and more.

The town offers an array of educational opportunities for its citizens including public schools for grades K-12 as well as private schools for those seeking higher education or specialized learning opportunities. The town also has several churches that offer spiritual guidance to its citizens as well as social programs to help support those in need.

Cedar Vale is a close-knit community with a strong sense of pride and loyalty amongst its citizens. People here look out for each other and strive to make the town a better place to live by volunteering their time at local events or donating items when needed.

Cedar Vale is an inviting small town full of friendly people who are proud to call it home. With plenty of educational opportunities; churches; businesses; recreational activities; and more there’s something here for everyone.

Schools and Education of Cedar Vale, Kansas

Cedar Vale, Kansas has a strong emphasis on education and offers a variety of educational opportunities for its citizens. The town has two public schools, Cedar Vale Elementary School and Cedar Vale High School, which serve grades K-12. Both schools have been recognized for their excellence in academics and offer a range of courses from traditional subjects to advanced classes such as language arts, math, science, social studies, art and music.

The town also offers several private schools for those seeking higher education or specialized learning opportunities. These include the Cedar Vale Christian Academy which focuses on providing an excellent Christian education to its students; the Cedar Vale Montessori School which provides an innovative approach to learning; and the Cedar Valley Academy of Arts which provides classes in performing arts such as music, dance, drama and more.

In addition to these options there are several community organizations that provide educational programs such as after-school programs, summer camps and tutoring services for those who need additional help or guidance with their studies. Check toppharmacyschools for top economics schools in Kansas.

Cedar Vale is dedicated to creating a positive environment where all students can thrive academically. The town values collaboration between teachers and parents so that each student can reach their full potential in school and beyond. With its commitment to providing quality education for all its citizens, it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call Cedar Vale home.

Landmarks in Cedar Vale, Kansas

Cedar Vale, Kansas is home to several stunning landmarks that are sure to take your breath away. The most iconic of these landmarks is the Cedar Vale Clock Tower, which stands in the center of town and has been a symbol of the community since its construction in 1885. Every hour on the hour, a bell tolls from the tower to remind citizens of time’s passage.

The town also features several historic buildings such as the Old Cedar Vale Bank Building, built in 1898 and still in use today; and the Cedar Vale Post Office, which was built in 1927 and serves as an important reminder of how far this community has come over time.

For those looking to explore nature, Cedar Vale has plenty to offer. The town boasts several picturesque parks including Lakeside Park which is home to a wide variety of wildlife; Cottonwood Park with its beautiful walking trails; and Johnson Park with its large lake perfect for fishing or swimming.

Those looking for a unique shopping experience should visit Main Street Shopping Center where you can find everything from antiques and vintage items to local artisan goods. For something a bit more modern, check out Cedar Valley Mall where you can find all your favorite stores and restaurants.

Finally, no trip to Cedar Vale would be complete without visiting its many churches including St. John’s Episcopal Church which dates back to 1873; First Baptist Church which was established in 1908; and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church built in 1911. These beautiful churches serve as reminders that faith is an integral part of this community’s history and culture.

From historic buildings to natural beauty spots, there are plenty of landmarks for visitors and residents alike to explore in Cedar Vale.