Cedar Rapids, Nebraska Population, Schools and Landmarks

Cedar Rapids, Nebraska is a small rural community located in the southeastern corner of the state. Bordering cities and towns include Omaha, Lincoln, Fremont, and Columbus. The city’s population was estimated at 1,717 people in 2019. The city has an agricultural economy with a focus on corn production and livestock raising. It is also home to several small businesses including a local brewery and restaurant.

The town of Cedar Rapids is situated on the banks of the Platte River and is surrounded by rolling hillsides of tall grasses and fields filled with wildflowers. The nearby cities provide easy access to shopping, dining, entertainment, health care facilities, educational opportunities, and more. The town also hosts a variety of annual events such as Summerfest and Corn Fest that attract visitors from all over Nebraska and beyond.

Omaha is located about 30 miles north of Cedar Rapids and serves as the major hub for business in the region. It features many attractions such as Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium which holds the world’s largest indoor desert exhibit; Omaha Children’s Museum; Joslyn Art Museum; Durham Museum; Old Market District; Fun-Plex Water Park; Lauritzen Gardens; Omaha Symphony Orchestra; Orpheum Theater; Omaha Community Playhouse; Joslyn Castle Mansion & Gardens; Lauritzen Gardens Botanical Center & Conservatory; Durham Western Heritage Museum; Union Pacific Railroad Museum & Stables; Lewis & Clark Monument & Visitor Center at Council Bluffs Iowa State Park Visitor Center;and much more.

Lincoln is located about 50 miles west of Cedar Rapids and serves as the capital city for Nebraska. It offers a variety of attractions such as Nebraska State Capitol Building (the tallest building in Nebraska); Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery & Sculpture Garden (featuring works by prominent American artists); Sunken Gardens (an outdoor botanical garden); University of Nebraska–Lincoln campus (home to one of America’s top universities); Haymarket District (a vibrant area full of restaurants, bars, shops); Lincoln Children’s Zoo (with animals from all over the world); Lincoln Children’s Museum (with interactive exhibits for kids); State Fairgrounds (hosting various events throughout the year); Bob Devaney Sports Center (home to Husker athletic teams);and much more.

Fremont is located about 25 miles east of Cedar Rapids and serves as an important economic center for Eastern Nebraska. It offers a variety of attractions such as Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure (a tree-themed park featuring interactive activities for kids), Fremont Speedway Park (featuring live racing events), Fremont Area Historical Society Museum(housing artifacts from early settlers), Fremont Municipal Bandstand(offering free concerts throughout summer months), John C Fremont Days Festival(held every July 4th weekend),Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area(providing outdoor activities like fishing boating swimming camping etc.), John C Fremont Monument(dedicated to early settler who explored western US), Midland University(providing educational opportunities to students).

Lastly, Columbus is located about 75 miles northeast from Cedar Rapids offering attractions such as Platte County Historical Society Museum(housing artifacts from pioneers who settled in area), Loup River Public Power District Hydroelectric Plant Visitors Center(providing information on hydroelectric power generation process), Columbus Lakeview Golf Club(offering 18-hole golf course with clubhouse bar restaurant pro shop driving range putting green), Columbus Country Club& Restaurant(featuring 18 hole golf course plus tennis courts pool restaurant bar banquet facilities).

Cedar Rapids provides visitors with plenty to see do explore making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to experience small town charm while still having access to larger cities nearby.

Cedar Rapids, Nebraska

Population of Cedar Rapids, Nebraska

According to andyeducation, Cedar Rapids, Nebraska is a small town of just over 1,500 people located in the eastern part of the state. It is situated at the convergence of two rivers, the Elkhorn and Platte Rivers, and is surrounded by rolling hills and farmland. The town was established in 1884 and has an interesting history that has been documented through its many historical sites.

The population is largely white with a small minority population that makes up just over 5%. The median age of residents in Cedar Rapids is 37 years old, which is slightly lower than the national average. Additionally, nearly half of all households are families with children under the age of 18 living at home.

In terms of education, Cedar Rapids has an above-average percentage of adults who have obtained some form of higher education. Over 20% have earned a four-year degree or higher while just under 10% have earned a two-year degree or some college credit. The majority of those with a higher education are employed in professional or managerial fields such as engineering or business management.

In terms of religion, Cedar Rapids has an even split between Christian denominations and other faith groups such as Judaism or Islam. The majority (over 50%) identify as Christian with Catholic being the most popular denomination followed closely by Lutheranism and Methodism. Other religious groups account for about 15% while those who identify as having no religion make up nearly 35%.

Cedar Rapids also has a vibrant economy that includes several large employers such as Union Pacific Railroad and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company which employ hundreds each year. Additionally, there are several small businesses that provide goods and services to local residents including restaurants, retail stores, auto repair shops and more.

Cedar Rapids is a quaint town full of charm that offers its residents plenty to do whether it’s exploring nature on one of its many trails or visiting one of its many historical sites or enjoying good food at one of its restaurants. It’s also home to several higher educational institutions including Midland University which provides educational opportunities to students from all over the world making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to experience small town charm while still having access to larger cities nearby.

Schools and Education of Cedar Rapids, Nebraska

Cedar Rapids, Nebraska is a charming town that boasts an excellent educational system. The Cedar Rapids Community School District serves the city and its surrounding areas, providing quality education for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The district consists of seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. All of the schools are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and employ highly qualified teachers who strive to create a safe learning environment for their students.

In addition to its public school system, Cedar Rapids also has several private and parochial schools available to families who are looking for an alternative educational setting. These include St. Patrick’s Catholic School, Trinity Lutheran School, Cedar Hills Christian School, and Valley View Christian Academy. Each school provides a different approach to education with varying levels of academic rigor.

Higher education is also available in Cedar Rapids through Midland University, which offers undergraduate degrees in a variety of fields including business administration, nursing, criminal justice, psychology and more. The university also has graduate programs in business administration and health sciences as well as online classes for those who wish to pursue their degree from home or abroad. Check toppharmacyschools for top computer science schools in Nebraska.

Cedar Rapids also hosts several locations of Kirkwood Community College which provides career-focused classes ranging from automotive technology to medical coding that can help students gain valuable skills needed in today’s job market. Additionally, the college has a range of continuing education opportunities such as professional development courses for teachers or certifications for those interested in specific fields such as accounting or web design.

Cedar Rapids is an excellent city for those looking for an exceptional educational experience at any level whether it’s elementary school or higher education opportunities like Midland University or Kirkwood Community College. With its diverse population and growing job market, it’s no wonder why so many people choose this charming town as their place to call home.

Landmarks in Cedar Rapids, Nebraska

Cedar Rapids, Nebraska is home to a variety of landmarks that make it an attractive place to visit and live. The city’s skyline is dominated by the historic Cedar Rapids Courthouse, which was built in 1882. This impressive building stands at the corner of Main and 10th Streets and features Romanesque Revival architecture with its red brick exterior and large clock tower. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1974.

The city also boasts several other noteworthy buildings, including the Stearns Hotel which opened in 1889 and operated until 1941. This building has been restored to its original condition and now serves as a museum that displays artifacts from the city’s past. Not far from downtown is Hawkeye Park, which contains several historic sites such as the Cedar Rapids Memorial Bridge built in 1897. This bridge crosses the Cedar River and is a popular spot for fishing or watching wildlife along its banks.

For those looking for outdoor recreation, Cedar Rapids offers plenty of options with its numerous parks located throughout the city. The largest park in town is Wickiup Hill Learning Center, which contains trails for hiking or biking as well as an outdoor amphitheater where concerts are held during the summer months. Other parks include Prairie Park Nature Center which features educational programs about nature, Mount Trashmore Park with its playgrounds and picnic areas, and Ellis Park with its basketball courts and skate park.

Cedar Rapids also has several cultural landmarks worth visiting such as the African American Museum of Iowa located downtown near 4th Avenue SE or The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library located just north of town on C Street SW. Art enthusiasts will want to check out The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art which houses over 4500 works from around the world or visit The Gallery on 2nd Avenue SW for contemporary art exhibits from local artists.

No matter what type of activities you are looking for during your stay in Cedar Rapids there is sure to be something that appeals to you. From historical sites to outdoor parks to cultural attractions there are plenty of landmarks that make this charming town worth exploring.