Carthage, Missouri Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to definitionexplorer, Carthage, Missouri is a picturesque town located in the southwestern corner of the state. It is bordered by a number of other towns and cities, each with their own unique charm. To the north lies Joplin, Missouri’s fourth largest city and home to a variety of attractions including museums, galleries, restaurants, and entertainment venues. To the east is Webb City, another small city with a rich history and home to several historical sites such as the Webb City Historical Museum and the Webb City Civil War Monument.

Heading south from Carthage lies Neosho, Missouri’s third oldest city which boasts an array of attractions including an outdoor amphitheater for concerts and events as well as two historic districts featuring Victorian-style homes and buildings. Further south is Anderson, a small rural town known for its annual strawberry festival held every June.

To the west lies Galena, Kansas which features an old mining town atmosphere with plenty of restaurants and shops to explore. There are also several attractions in this area including its historic downtown district full of antique stores and galleries as well as numerous parks perfect for outdoor activities like fishing and hiking.

Finally, heading northwest from Carthage is Carl Junction, another small rural town that offers visitors plenty of opportunities to explore nature at its finest with trails winding through forests full of towering trees or along rivers teeming with wildlife. With so many towns surrounding it, Carthage provides visitors with plenty to do when visiting this charming corner of Missouri.

Population of Carthage, Missouri

According to dictionaryforall, Carthage, Missouri is a small town located in Jasper County with a population of 14,378, according to the 2019 United States Census. The majority of the population is comprised of Caucasians (78.2%), followed by African Americans (17.3%), Hispanics or Latinos (2.4%), and Asians (1.3%). The median age in Carthage is 39 years old with the majority of residents between the ages of 25 and 44 years old.

The town’s population has grown steadily over the last decade due to its attractive rural setting and proximity to Joplin, Missouri’s fourth largest city. This growth has been largely fueled by an influx of younger residents who are drawn to the area for its close-knit community and affordable housing prices.

In addition to young professionals, there is also a sizable elderly population in Carthage with nearly 18% of its citizens being 65 years or older. This age group makes up a large portion of the town’s population due to retirees looking for a slower pace of life and an opportunity to enjoy nature away from big city living.

The town also has a large number of families living here as well with nearly 30% of households having children under 18 years old living within them according to recent Census data. The town’s public schools are highly rated, making it an attractive place for families looking for quality education options for their children while still enjoying small-town life close enough to access amenities offered by larger cities nearby such as Joplin and Springfield, Missouri.

Schools and education of Carthage, Missouri

Carthage, Missouri

Carthage, Missouri is served by the Carthage R-9 School District which provides an excellent education to the town’s children. The district consists of four elementary schools (grades K-4), two middle schools (grades 5-8), and one high school (grades 9-12). The district also offers a variety of special programs, such as advanced placement courses, international baccalaureate courses, and a comprehensive career & technical education program.

The district boasts some of the highest test scores in the state with students outperforming their peers in both Math and English on the Missouri Assessment Program tests. The average SAT score for the district is 1150 which is significantly higher than the state average of 1064. This high level of achievement is largely due to the dedication and hard work of students as well as excellent teaching staff within the district who are committed to providing a quality education for every student.

In addition to traditional public schooling, Carthage also has several private schools available including St. Anne’s Catholic School and Covenant Christian Academy. These institutions provide an alternative option for families looking for a faith-based education or smaller class sizes than those offered by public schools in town.

Carthage also has several higher learning institutions nearby including Ozark Technical Community College which provides two-year associate degree programs as well as vocational and technical training classes, Missouri Southern State University located just 15 minutes away in Joplin, and Pittsburg State University located an hour away in Pittsburg, Kansas. With these options available, Carthage residents have plenty of opportunities to further their academic pursuits close to home if they so desire.

Landmarks in Carthage, Missouri

Carthage, Missouri is home to a variety of landmarks and attractions that are sure to please any traveler. One of the most notable landmarks in the city is the historic Carthage Courthouse Square. This picturesque square is surrounded by beautiful brick buildings and features a clock tower, fountain, and memorial. The courthouse itself was built in 1876 and served as the center of county government for over a century. It now serves as an important historical landmark for the city and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Another popular landmark in Carthage is Red Oak II, a replica steamboat from the 1800s that was built in 1977 as part of an effort to revive local riverboat tourism. The boat offers daily sightseeing cruises along Center Creek with commentary from knowledgeable tour guides who provide insight into the area’s rich history.

The Precious Moments Chapel is another popular attraction in town, located just outside of town at Precious Moments Park. This chapel was constructed to resemble one featured in an iconic Precious Moments painting and features life-sized statues of some of their beloved characters like Sam Butcher himself. Visitors can take guided tours or explore on their own while admiring unique stained glass windows depicting Bible stories throughout the chapel’s interior walls.

Those interested in learning more about Carthage’s history can visit two museums located downtown: The Powers Museum which chronicles local history from prehistoric times through today; and The Route 66 Car Museum which showcases vintage cars from America’s iconic highway system alongside interactive exhibits about its history and culture. No matter what brings you to Carthage, these landmarks are sure to make your trip a memorable one.