Carrefour Mobile Rejoins The Payment Combined with Grants with The 5S IPhone

In the wake of the mobile operators with own network there have been several virtual operators, about all those belonging to large companies, those who have opted to bring to its customers the latest smartphones through a integrated bill payment services.

And now one of those operators who did not even have the payment by instalments option, but if an old catalogue terminals timidly subsidized, as it is Carrefour mobile It aims to the payment and nothing more and nothing less than the iPhone 5S, in what seems a clear strategy to capture new customers.

And is that 5S iPhone is available with Carrefour mobile to make portability from another company to rate round 25, with 1,000 minutes and 1 GB a month by 30.25 euros, by 20 euros per month for 24 months, same period of permanence that applies to access this offer.

With that price Carrefour mobile is lowering the iPhone 5S in 219 euros on its official free sales price, in what seems a clear movement to reactivate the virtual of hypermarkets, carrying months asleep yet news, nor in the form of tariffs or similar enhancements.

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