Carlstadt, New Jersey Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to iamaccepted, Carlstadt, New Jersey is an exciting town located in Bergen County, close to the bustling city of New York. The town is bordered by several other cities and towns that offer a variety of attractions and amenities.

To the north of Carlstadt lies Rutherford, New Jersey. This vibrant city is home to a number of restaurants and shops as well as the Meadowlands Sports Complex which hosts events such as concerts or sporting events. Rutherford also boasts several parks including Veterans Memorial Park which features walking trails and picnic areas.

To the east lies East Rutherford which is home to MetLife Stadium, where the NFL’s New York Giants and Jets play their games. East Rutherford also has several shopping opportunities with stores such as Target or Home Depot located nearby.

To the west lies Moonachie, New Jersey which offers a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, canoeing, or biking along its trails. The town also has a number of restaurants and stores located in its downtown area.

Finally, to the south lies Wood-Ridge, New Jersey which is home to several parks including Memorial Park which features a playground for children as well as walking trails for visitors to explore. Wood-Ridge also has a number of restaurants offering delicious cuisine from around the world.

In conclusion, Carlstadt is surrounded by many interesting cities and towns each offering something unique for visitors to explore.

Carlstadt, New Jersey

Population of Carlstadt, New Jersey

Carlstadt, New Jersey is a vibrant and diverse town located in Bergen County. The population of Carlstadt is estimated to be 8,200 people according to the 2010 census. The town is made up of a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The majority of the population, approximately 64%, are White non-Hispanic. This is followed by Hispanic or Latino at 15%, Asian at 13%, and African American at 6%. The remaining 2% are Native American, Pacific Islander, or other races.

The median age of the population in Carlstadt is 38 years old with a gender ratio of 48% female to 52% male. The median household income in Carlstadt is $77,743 with approximately 18% living below the poverty line.

Carlstadt also has a large immigrant population with over 25% foreign-born citizens. Most immigrants come from countries such as Mexico, India, China, Dominican Republic, Italy and Philippines as well as many other countries around the world. This diverse population contributes to the unique culture and vibrancy found in Carlstadt today.

Carlstadt has a vibrant and diverse population that adds to its rich culture and history.

Schools and Education of Carlstadt, New Jersey

According to TOPPHARMACYSCHOOLS, Carlstadt, New Jersey is a vibrant and diverse town located in Bergen County. The town is home to several schools that are part of the Carlstadt-East Rutherford Regional School District. The district serves students from pre-Kindergarten to grade 8 and offers a variety of educational opportunities for its students.

The district has two elementary schools, East Rutherford Elementary School and Carlstadt Elementary School, that serve the community’s younger students. Both schools offer a comprehensive education with an emphasis on the arts, science, language arts and mathematics.

In addition to the elementary schools, the district also has two middle schools, Middle School No. 1 and Middle School No. 2. The middle school curriculum is designed to help students prepare for high school by introducing them to more challenging subjects such as algebra, literature and foreign languages.

The district also has a number of after-school programs available for students including sports teams, drama clubs and other extracurricular activities. These programs provide students with an opportunity to explore their interests outside of the classroom while developing important skills like teamwork and leadership.

Carlstadt offers its residents a quality education through its public school system as well as several private institutions such as St Mary’s Catholic Academy which offers preschool through grade 8 classes as well as special needs programs for those with disabilities or learning differences. Education in Carlstadt provides students with the tools they need to succeed in life.

Landmarks in Carlstadt, New Jersey

Carlstadt is home to many landmarks, including the historic Spruceton Inn. Built in 1813, the inn served as a stagecoach stop and a general store. It was also used as a polling place during the Civil War. Today, the inn is open to visitors and offers a variety of activities including live music and special events. Additionally, Carlstadt is home to the Carlstadt Green, a public park that features walking trails and picnic areas. The Green also serves as an outdoor amphitheater for performances and other special events throughout the year. Another landmark in Carlstadt is the Historic Church of Sts Peter & Paul. This Gothic-style church has been standing since 1887 and continues to serve its parishioners today with regular services and special ceremonies. Finally, one of Carlstadt’s most notable landmarks is its Town Hall building which was built in 1896. It is an impressive structure with beautiful architecture that stands out against the other buildings in town.