Cantua Creek, California Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to anycountyprivateschools, Cantua Creek, California is situated in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, surrounded by several cities and towns. To the north lies Fresno, the fifth largest city in California and the county seat of Fresno County. The city is home to a diverse population and offers a variety of attractions including museums, parks, shopping malls, restaurants, and more. To the east of Cantua Creek lies Madera County, which is home to several small towns such as Chowchilla and Madera. These towns offer visitors quaint downtowns with plenty of local shops and eateries.

To the south of Cantua Creek lies Merced County which is home to Merced – also known as “The Gateway to Yosemite” – as well as several smaller cities like Atwater and Los Banos. This region offers visitors plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing, hiking, biking trails, and more. To the west lies Kings County which is home to Hanford – a city known for its agricultural industry – as well as Corcoran – a small town that boasts a rich history dating back to California’s Gold Rush days.

No matter where you are in Cantua Creek – there’s always something nearby for you to explore. Whether you’re looking for some outdoor recreation or just want to explore some local attractions – you can find it all here in this region of California.

Population of Cantua Creek, California

According to educationvv, Cantua Creek, California is located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley and has a population of approximately 1,400 people. The population is mostly made up of Hispanic and Latino residents, who make up roughly 79% of the population. The remaining 21% is comprised of White, Black or African American, Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander, and other races.

The median age in Cantua Creek is 37 years old with a gender ratio that leans slightly towards women – 52% female to 48% male. The median household income for Cantua Creek residents is $40,000 per year with roughly 34% of households living below the poverty line. The unemployment rate in Cantua Creek is 3.6%, which is lower than both California and the national average.

Cantua Creek also boasts a highly educated population – over 40% of adults over 25 have achieved at least a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Additionally, Cantua Creek has an above-average number of bilingual residents – over 61% are fluent in both English and Spanish.

Cantua Creek offers its residents a diverse community with plenty to offer – from its rich culture to its modern amenities – making it an ideal place to call home.

Cantua Creek, California

Schools and Education of Cantua Creek, California

Cantua Creek, California is home to a number of educational institutions that provide quality education for its students. The majority of the schools in Cantua Creek are part of the Westside Union School District, which includes two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. In addition to these public schools, there are also two private schools – St. John’s Catholic School and Valley Christian Academy – that provide religious-based education for their students.

The Westside Union School District offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes core subjects such as math, science, social studies, language arts, physical education and health. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities including art classes, band, robotics club and more.

In addition to the public and private schools in Cantua Creek, there are a number of higher-education institutions nearby. Fresno City College is located just 20 miles away while California State University – Fresno is located just 25 miles away from Cantua Creek. Additionally, there are several technical colleges located in the area such as San Joaquin Valley College and National University which offer degree programs in business administration and other fields.

Cantua Creek provides its residents with plenty of educational opportunities – from preschool through college – ensuring that everyone has access to quality education.

Landmarks in Cantua Creek, California

Cantua Creek, California is home to a number of unique landmarks that make it a great place to live and visit. One of the most popular attractions in the area is the historic Cantua Creek Plaza, which dates back to the late 1800s. This plaza features a variety of shops and restaurants, as well as a museum dedicated to local history. Additionally, there are several murals throughout the plaza depicting the town’s rich cultural heritage.

Another popular landmark in Cantua Creek is the Old Town Hall building, which was originally built in 1871 and served as a meeting place for local residents. Today, this building has been converted into an art gallery featuring works from local artists and photographers.

For nature lovers, Cantua Creek offers plenty to explore including several parks and outdoor areas. The most popular park in town is Constitution Park which features walking paths, playgrounds and picnic areas along with beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Additionally, there are several hiking trails located nearby such as Dragonfly Trail and Kettleman Trail which offer stunning views of the area’s natural beauty.

Cantua Creek has plenty to offer both residents and visitors alike – from its historical landmarks to its natural beauty – making it an ideal destination for anyone looking for a unique experience.