Canton, Kansas Population, Schools and Landmarks

Canton, Kansas is a small city located in McPherson County, Kansas. It is bordered by the towns of Moundridge to the north, Lindsborg to the east, Inman to the south and Galva to the west. The city has a population of around 1,000 people and is known for its friendly atmosphere and rural beauty.

Moundridge is a small town located just north of Canton with a population of just over 2,000 people. The town was founded in 1877 by German immigrants who came to settle on the prairies of central Kansas. Today, Moundridge is home to many businesses including restaurants, convenience stores and even a movie theater. There are also several churches in town that serve members of different denominations.

Lindsborg is located directly east of Canton and has a population of around 3,500 people. This quaint Swedish village was founded in 1869 by Swedish immigrants who were seeking religious freedom from their homeland. It’s known as “Little Sweden” due to its strong Swedish heritage which can still be seen today through its numerous Swedish-style buildings that line the streets. Lindsborg also hosts numerous festivals throughout the year which celebrate its culture including Midsommarfest and Christmas in Lindsborg which both attract thousands of visitors each year.

Inman lies directly south of Canton with a population just under 1,500 people. This small farming community was founded in 1886 when it became an official stop on the Santa Fe Trail railroad line connecting Chicago with California. The town has since become well known for its annual Inman Harvest Festival which celebrates local agriculture with food vendors, live music and other entertainment options for all ages.

Galva lies directly west of Canton with a population just over 900 people. This small farming community was founded in 1870 when it became an official stop on the Santa Fe Trail railroad line connecting Chicago with California as well as being one of only two towns within McPherson County at that time. Galva still remains largely agricultural today but also offers various amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants and several churches throughout town.

Canton is surrounded by four smaller towns that all offer their own unique charm while maintaining ties to their past histories at the same time. From celebrating their Swedish heritage in Lindsborg or showcasing local agriculture at Inman Harvest Festival there’s something for everyone when visiting these neighboring communities near Canton.

Canton, Kansas

Population of Canton, Kansas

According to act-test-centers, Canton, Kansas is a small rural town located in McPherson County with a population of approximately 1,200 people. It is situated on the banks of the Smoky Hill River and was first settled in 1871 when it became an official stop on the Santa Fe Trail railroad line connecting Chicago with California. The town was named after Canton, Ohio due to its resemblance in size and location to its namesake city.

The majority of Canton’s population is composed of white Americans (92.2%) followed by African American (3%), Hispanic or Latino (2%), Asian (1%), and other races (1.8%). The median age of the residents is 44 years old with more than half of the population being between 25 and 64 years old. The median household income for Canton is $47,000 with 19% of households living below the poverty line.

Canton has a low unemployment rate at just 3%, which is significantly lower than the national average, indicating that most residents have steady jobs and are able to support themselves financially. Education levels are also relatively high compared to other rural towns in Kansas; around 91% have at least earned a high school diploma while more than half have earned some form of college degree or higher-level education certificate.

The economy in Canton is mostly based around agriculture with various crops such as corn, wheat, soybeans and sorghum being grown throughout McPherson County each year. There are also several small businesses located within Canton itself including grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores and even a movie theater which provides entertainment for both locals and visitors alike.

Canton offers its own unique charm while still maintaining ties to its past histories; from celebrating local agriculture at Inman Harvest Festival to showcasing its Swedish heritage at Midsommarfest there’s something for everyone when visiting this quaint rural town.

Schools and Education of Canton, Kansas

Canton, Kansas is served by the McPherson County USD 418 public school district. The district has three elementary schools (Canton-Galva Elementary, Moundridge Elementary, and Inman Elementary) and one high school (Canton-Galva High School). The district also offers a variety of other educational services including an Adult Education program which provides training and classes for adults in the community.

The schools in Canton are committed to providing quality education to all students regardless of their background or circumstances. All schools have a wide range of resources available to help students succeed such as special education programs for those with learning disabilities or behavioral issues, advanced placement classes for high achieving students, and college preparatory courses to help them prepare for higher education.

The average graduation rate in Canton is 88%, which is significantly higher than the national average of 83%. Additionally, the student body at Canton-Galva High School has earned top scores on standardized tests like the ACT and SAT, indicating that students are receiving a quality education from their teachers.

Furthermore, Canton-Galva High School offers numerous extra-curricular activities including athletics (football, basketball, volleyball), music (band and choir) and art programs (painting and drawing). There are also several clubs such as National Honor Society and Student Council that allow students to engage with their peers in meaningful ways outside of the classroom. This helps foster a sense of camaraderie among students while encouraging them to stay actively involved in their school community. Check toppharmacyschools for top clinical psychology schools in Kansas.

Canton’s public schools provide excellent educational opportunities for all its residents. With strong support from both teachers and parents alike, these schools strive to ensure that each student receives a quality education that will set them up for success both now and in the future.

Landmarks in Canton, Kansas

Canton, Kansas is a small town located in McPherson County and is home to the USD 418 public school district. The town is known for its charming historic buildings, peaceful atmosphere, and friendly locals. With its rich history, there are numerous landmarks that make Canton a unique place to visit.

The first landmark that comes to mind when thinking of Canton is the historic Canton-Galva High School building. This building was built in 1915 and has served as an educational facility ever since. It has a beautiful red brick façade and stands out amongst the other buildings in town. Inside the building, visitors will find original woodwork as well as photographs of students from years past.

The second landmark in Canton is the Moundridge Elementary School building which dates back to 1923. This two-story structure features white clapboard siding with green shutters and has been lovingly preserved over the years. Visitors can explore the classrooms, hallways, and auditorium which have all been maintained in their original condition since they were constructed almost 100 years ago.

The third landmark in Canton is Inman Elementary School which was built in 1929. This school was originally constructed as an all-girls school but has since been converted into a co-ed facility with both boys and girls attending classes together. The exterior of this building features a unique art deco design while inside visitors can explore classrooms filled with antique furniture from when it first opened nearly 90 years ago.

The fourth landmark in Canton is the McPherson County Courthouse which dates back to 1885. This two-story brick structure stands out amongst other buildings due to its impressive size and intricate architectural details such as arched windows and detailed cornices along the roofline. Visitors can explore the courtroom where many important decisions have been made throughout history.

The fifth landmark in Canton is St Paul’s Lutheran Church which was built in 1903 by German immigrants who had settled here during that time period. This church features beautiful stained glass windows depicting scenes from both biblical stories as well as local history such as Native American tribes that once inhabited this area prior to settlement by Europeans settlers. Inside visitors will find original pews dating back almost 120 years.

Canton offers many unique landmarks for visitors to explore while visiting this quaint little town nestled away in McPherson County, Kansas. From historic school buildings to churches dating back centuries, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.