Caledonia, Michigan Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to bittranslators, Caledonia, Michigan is located in the southeastern part of the state and borders several cities and towns. To the north lies Plainwell, Michigan, which is a small rural town with a population of about 3,500. Plainwell is home to a number of charming historical buildings and attractions such as the Plainwell Old Mill and the Gull Lake View Golf Club.

To the east of Caledonia lies Wayland, Michigan, which has a population of around 3,000 people. Wayland offers plenty of outdoor recreational activities such as fishing on Gun Lake or skiing at Cannonsburg Ski Area.

South of Caledonia is Grand Rapids, Michigan – the second-largest city in Michigan with over 200,000 residents. Grand Rapids has many cultural attractions such as art galleries and museums as well as plenty of restaurants and nightlife for visitors to enjoy.

West of Caledonia lies Hastings, Michigan – a small city with a population of around 8,000 people. Hastings is home to many historical sites such as the Hastings Museum & Art Gallery or the Barry County Courthouse. The city also boasts several parks including Memorial Park – which features an amphitheater and walking trails – or Tyden Park – which has playgrounds and picnic areas.

Finally, just south-west from Caledonia lies Middleville Township – a rural area with around 2,500 residents that offers plenty of outdoor recreational activities like hiking or kayaking on Thornapple River or golfing at Middleville Country Club.

Caledonia borders several cities and towns that offer visitors plenty to explore.

Caledonia, Michigan

Population of Caledonia, Michigan

According to deluxesurveillance, Caledonia, Michigan is a small city located in the southeastern part of the state with a population of around 8,200 people. The city’s population is spread over an area of about 8 square miles and has seen steady growth over the past decade.

The racial makeup of Caledonia is 94.9% white, 0.8% African American, 1.6% Asian, 0.3% Native American, 0.1% Pacific Islander and 2.2% from other races. The median age in Caledonia is 38 years old – slightly higher than the Michigan average – and the median household income is $67,000 per year which is slightly lower than the Michigan average of $69,000 per year.

The majority of Caledonia’s residents are homeowners (79%) compared to renters (21%). The city also has a relatively low unemployment rate at 4%. The largest employers in Caledonia are Davenport University with 700 employees followed by Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital with 600 employees and Kentwood Public Schools with 500 employees.

Caledonia’s population has grown steadily over the past decade and consists mainly of homeowners with higher incomes than the Michigan average due to its proximity to Grand Rapids and other larger cities in Michigan.

Schools and Education of Caledonia, Michigan

Caledonia, Michigan is served by the Kentwood Public Schools district. The district serves over 10,000 students in grades K-12 and has a total of 20 schools – 15 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and 2 high schools.

The two high schools in the district are East Kentwood High School and Caledonia High School. East Kentwood offers a variety of academic programs including AP classes, honors classes and a wide range of electives. Caledonia High School is known for its excellent athletics program as well as its strong arts program with many opportunities for students to get involved in theatre, music and visual arts.

In addition to the public school system, there are several private and charter schools in the area. These include Grand Rapids Christian Schools – which offer a faith-based education from K-12 – and Grand Rapids University Preparatory Academy – which is a tuition-free public charter school that provides college preparatory courses.

Caledonia also has several higher education institutions located nearby such as Davenport University, Calvin College and Grand Valley State University. All three institutions offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as continuing education opportunities for adult learners.

Caledonia’s school system provides students with an excellent education both inside and outside of the classroom with plenty of options for furthering their studies after graduation.

Landmarks in Caledonia, Michigan

Caledonia, Michigan is home to a variety of unique landmarks that are sure to please any visitor. One of the most notable is the historic Caledonia Township Hall. This building, constructed in 1873, has been lovingly preserved and continues to serve as the meeting place for township government. Inside, visitors can explore its many artifacts that tell the story of Caledonia’s history. Another popular landmark is the beautiful downtown area, filled with charming shops and restaurants that draw in tourists from around the state. The Caledonia Farmers Market, located in downtown Caledonia, offers fresh produce and other local goods every Saturday during summer months. Additionally, there are several parks located throughout town such as Willard Park and Old Mill Park where visitors can enjoy a peaceful stroll or picnic lunch with family and friends. Last but not least, just outside town lies the stunning Grand River which serves as a popular spot for fishing and wildlife viewing. With so many wonderful landmarks available to explore in Caledonia Michigan, it’s no wonder why so many people love visiting this small town.