Byesville, Ohio Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to liuxers, Byesville, Ohio is located in the rolling hills of Guernsey County in east-central Ohio. The city is bordered to the north by Cambridge, to the east by Senecaville, to the south by Quaker City and to the west by Lore City. Byesville is a small city with a population of just over 3,000 people and covers an area of only 1.4 square miles.

The city of Byesville was founded in 1814 and was named after its first settler, John Byser who had moved from Pennsylvania with his family a few years prior. Since then, Byesville has grown steadily into a thriving community with many amenities such as churches, restaurants, shops and schools. The downtown area of Byesville features several historic buildings including the old post office which now houses the Guernsey County Historical Society Museum as well as several other businesses and restaurants.

Cambridge lies just north of Byesville and is home to over 10,500 people. This city has plenty to offer visitors including numerous parks such as Cambridge City Park which features walking paths along with basketball and tennis courts for those who like to stay active outdoors. Cambridge also boasts two colleges – Cambridge College and Muskingum University – making it an ideal destination for those looking for higher education opportunities or simply wanting to explore its vibrant culture.

To the east lies Senecaville which is home to approximately 1,400 people and covers an area of 2 square miles. This picturesque village sits on the banks of Seneca Lake which makes it a popular spot for fishing or boating during summer months while winter brings ice fishing opportunities on its frozen waters. Additionally, nearby Salt Fork State Park offers plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking trails, camping spots and even horseback riding trails for those looking for some adventure.

To the south lies Quaker City which has a population of just under 500 people and covers an area less than 1 square mile in size. This small village offers visitors access to some great outdoor recreation opportunities including hiking trails along Quaker Creek which runs through town as well as plenty of fishing spots throughout nearby lakes such as Hoover Reservoir or Clendening Lake State Park where visitors can also rent kayaks or canoes for some fun out on the water.

Finally, to the west lies Lore City which has a population of around 800 people and spans an area slightly larger than one square mile in size. This quaint village offers many unique attractions that are sure to please anyone visiting including several antique stores that feature great finds from all over Ohio or even further away. Additionally, there are several parks located throughout Lore City that offer great picnic spots or places simply relax after exploring all that this charming town has to offer.

Population of Byesville, Ohio

According to mcat-test-centers, Byesville, Ohio is a small town located in Guernsey County in the eastern part of the state. It has an estimated population of 1,942 people as of 2019. The majority of the population is white, making up 84.7% of the population according to the US Census Bureau. African Americans make up 9.3% while Asians and Hispanics make up 1.4% and 4.1%, respectively. The median age in Byesville is 41 years old and about 77% of the population are over 18 years old with 23% under 18 years old.

The majority of Byesville’s residents are employed with a total labor force participation rate of 68%. Most people are employed in manufacturing, retail trade, healthcare and social assistance, educational services and construction industries according to data from US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates from 2014-2018. In terms of educational attainment, about 84% have earned a high school diploma or equivalent while 13% have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. The median household income for Byesville is $37,844 which is lower than the national average but higher than other cities in Ohio such as Cambridge and Zanesville which have median household incomes of $30,923 and $30,068 respectively.

Schools and Education of Byesville, Ohio

Byesville, Ohio is home to two public school districts – Byesville-Jackson Local School District and East Guernsey Local School District. The Byesville-Jackson Local School District consists of one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. The district is dedicated to providing a quality education to its students and offers a variety of programs such as music, visual arts, physical education, foreign languages, special education services, and advanced placement opportunities. The East Guernsey Local School District consists of two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. This district also provides a wide range of educational opportunities including music and art classes, physical education programs, special education services and advanced placement classes.

In terms of educational attainment in Byesville, about 84% of the population have earned a high school diploma or equivalent while 13% have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. Higher educational opportunities are available at nearby universities such as Ohio University Zanesville Campus which offers associate’s degrees in various areas such as business administration and nursing; Muskingum University which offers bachelor’s degrees in areas such as business administration; or Hocking College which offers various associate’s degree programs in areas such as accounting and criminal justice.

Byesville also has an adult literacy program through the Guernsey County Literacy Council which provides free tutoring services for adults who want to improve their reading skills or learn English as a second language. Additionally, there are several libraries located in Byesville that offer educational resources for all ages such as books on various topics ranging from history to science to literature as well as computers with internet access for research purposes.

Landmarks in Byesville, Ohio

Byesville, Ohio

Byesville, Ohio is a small town located in Guernsey County and is home to a variety of historical and cultural landmarks. One of the most popular landmarks in Byesville is the Byesville Clock Tower which was built in 1887 and stands at an impressive 40 feet tall. The clock tower was originally used to help citizens keep track of time throughout the day, but today it serves as a reminder of the town’s past.

The Byesville Museum is another popular landmark located in Byesville. The museum houses a variety of artifacts from the area’s past such as old newspapers, photographs, and even items from local businesses. Visitors can also view various displays about local history as well as take part in educational activities such as scavenger hunts.

The Byesville Historic District is another notable landmark located in Byesville. This district consists of buildings constructed between 1850 and 1920 that have been preserved over time for their historical significance. Some of these buildings include the former Byesville Post Office, the Masonic Temple, and several homes from the late 19th century that now serve as private residences.

In addition to these landmarks, there are also several parks located throughout town where visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, basketball courts and more. The city also hosts many events throughout the year such as festivals, concerts, art shows and more which all help contribute to its vibrant culture and atmosphere.