Brunei Area Code

+673 is the dialing code for Brunei.

The Brunei Sultanate is located in Southeast Asia on the north coast of the island of Borneo. Two out of three residents are Muslim Malays. Chinese and other minorities do not automatically gain citizenship, even though they are born in Brunei. In practice, royal monarchy prevails. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has been in power since 1967 and comes from a family that has ruled the country for over 400 years. Large resources of oil and natural gas have made Brunei a rich country.

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Geography and climate

Brunei Area Code

On the south-east Asian island of Borneo’s north coast lies the Sultanate of Brunei. It has a coast towards the South China Sea to the north and is otherwise enclosed by the Malaysian state of Sarawak, which cuts into Brunei and divides it into two halves.

Brunei is on the surface slightly larger than Halland. It consists mostly of lowland, covered by tropical rainforest. On the coast there is mangrove swamp.

The climate in Brunei is tropical, that is, hot and humid. Rain falls throughout the year but especially from October to March. In November and December, the monsoon rains fall.

Country Facts


Cultivated land 2.5 %
Land area 5765 km 2

Population and health

Population development 1.62 ‰
Urban population (Urbanization) 77.2 %
Death rate 3.52 per 1000 residents
Life expectancy: Women 79.41 years
Life expectancy: Men 74.64 years
Birth rate 17.32 births per 1000 residents
HDI index 0.856
Population 429646
Infant mortality 10.16 deaths / 1000 births

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Electricity, production 4055 million kWh
Energy consumption per resident 9525.7 kg. oil per resident
Natural gas, production 12470 million cubic meters
Crude oil, production 6 million tons


Internet users 65.6 per 100 residents
Mobile subscriptions 110 per 100 residents
Passenger cars 510 per 1000 residents

Business and economics

Unemployment 6.9% of the workforce
GDP 79700 per resident
Primary occupations 4.2 %
Secondary profession 62.8 %
Tertiary professions 33 %