Bridgeville, Delaware Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Bridgeville, Delaware is a small town located in Sussex County. It is bordered by the towns of Greenwood, Ellendale, and Seaford. Bridgeville is a great place to live for those who enjoy the small-town atmosphere and appreciate the convenience of having access to larger cities nearby.

Greenwood, Delaware is located just seven miles from Bridgeville and provides access to a variety of amenities including shopping centers, restaurants, parks and recreational activities. Additionally, Greenwood offers its own historic downtown area with plenty of local shops and eateries for visitors to explore.

Ellendale, Delaware is located about 10 miles from Bridgeville and has its own unique charm with its rolling hills and open farmland providing a beautiful backdrop for residents and visitors alike. Ellendale also offers several green spaces including parks with playgrounds as well as trails for biking or hiking.

Seaford, Delaware is located 15 miles from Bridgeville and provides numerous attractions such as golf courses, museums, galleries and more. The town also features an array of restaurants ranging from casual diners to fine dining establishments offering cuisines from around the world.

The towns surrounding Bridgeville offer something for everyone – whether it’s shopping opportunities in Greenwood or outdoor recreation in Ellendale or Seaford – there’s sure to be something for everyone! With easy access to larger cities such as Dover or Wilmington as well – Bridgeville provides a great location for those looking for the perfect balance between small-town living with big city amenities!

Bridgeville, Delaware

Population of Bridgeville, Delaware

Bridgeville, Delaware is a small town located in Sussex County with a population of approximately 1,800 people. This town is known for its tight-knit community and friendly atmosphere. The population of Bridgeville is made up of a diverse mix of individuals from a variety of backgrounds including families, retirees, young professionals, and students.

The median age in Bridgeville is 45 years old which means that the majority of the population consists of individuals between the ages of 35-64. Additionally, the town has seen an influx in recent years as many young professionals have moved to the area for job opportunities or to start their own businesses.

The majority of Bridgeville’s population identifies as Caucasian (83%), followed by African American (8%), Hispanic or Latino (4%), and other ethnicities such as Asian or Pacific Islander (2%). Additionally, Bridgeville has a strong Christian presence with approximately two-thirds identifying as Christian while one-third identifies as nonreligious.

In terms of education levels among residents, roughly 40% have earned at least some college experience while the remaining 60% either have only high school diplomas or less than high school degrees. The median household income in Bridgeville is around $53,000 per year which is slightly lower than national averages but still provides ample opportunity for those looking to live comfortably here.

Overall, Bridgeville offers its residents a safe and welcoming community with plenty to do and see throughout Sussex County – making it an ideal place to call home!

Schools and Education in Bridgeville, Delaware

According to ANDYEDUCATION, Bridgeville, Delaware is served by the Woodbridge School District, which offers a variety of educational opportunities for its students. The district is made up of three elementary schools (Seaford, Greenwood, and Bridgeville), a middle school (Woodbridge Middle), and a high school (Woodbridge High). Each school offers an array of classes and activities that strive to meet the needs of all students.

At the elementary level, students are taught the basics in language arts, math, science, and social studies. Additionally, music and art classes are also offered to provide students with an opportunity to explore their creative side. At the middle school level, core subject areas such as math and science are expanded upon while electives such as foreign language or technology are also available to help foster individual interests.

At Woodbridge High School there is an extensive selection of courses ranging from AP level classes to career-oriented electives such as business management or engineering. Additionally, extracurricular activities such as sports teams or clubs are also available for students looking to get involved with their peers outside of the classroom.

The Woodbridge School District has implemented several programs over the years in order to ensure that all students have access to a quality education regardless of financial ability or any other barriers they may face. For example, the district offers free breakfast and lunch programs for those who qualify while after-school tutoring sessions provide additional support for those needing extra help in certain subjects. Check EDUCATIONVV for higher education in Delaware.

In conclusion, Bridgeville provides its residents with access to excellent schooling options through the Woodbridge School District – allowing them to pursue their educational goals with confidence!

Places of Interest in Bridgeville, Delaware

Bridgeville, Delaware is a charming small town with plenty of attractions and activities for residents and visitors alike. The area is home to several historic sites, such as the Bridgeville Historical Society, which offers educational tours that teach about the history of the town.

For those who love the outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities for exploration. The Nanticoke River provides a great spot for fishing and boating while nearby Trap Pond State Park offers a variety of recreational activities such as camping, hiking, and swimming.

For those who enjoy shopping and dining out, Bridgeville has many options to choose from. Main Street is lined with boutiques and restaurants while nearby Seaford has even more options. There are also several farmer’s markets throughout the area that offer fresh produce from local farmers.

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, Bridgeville hosts several annual events throughout the year. The annual Bridgeville Apple Scrapple Festival takes place in October and includes live music, games, food vendors, and more. In the summertime, visitors can enjoy the Delaware County Fair which features carnival rides, live entertainment acts, livestock shows, agricultural displays and much more!

No matter what your interests are – there is something for everyone in Bridgeville! From historical sites to outdoor recreation to festivals – this small town has it all!