Brandon, Wisconsin Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to bestitude, Brandon, Wisconsin is a small town located in Fond du Lac County. It is bordered by the towns of Byron to the north, Eldorado to the east, and Waupun to the south. The town of Brandon has a population of just over 1,500 people and is situated on the banks of the Crawfish River.

To the north of Brandon lies the town of Byron. This small rural community was founded in 1846 and is home to fewer than 1,000 people. It is surrounded by many beautiful wetlands and lakes which make it an ideal spot for fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities. The main attractions in Byron are its historic sites such as Fort Winnebago, which was a military post from 1828 until 1845. There are also many parks and trails for visitors to enjoy including a nature trail that follows along part of the Crawfish River.

East of Brandon lies Eldorado which also has a population under 1,000 people. This small town was first settled in 1840 and has many activities for visitors to enjoy such as golfing at one of its two courses or taking part in some shopping at its downtown stores. There are also several historical sites worth visiting such as Old St Peter’s Church which dates back to 1845 or Saint John’s Lutheran Church which was built in 1861.

Finally, south of Brandon lies Waupun which is home to approximately 11,000 people making it one of the larger towns bordering Brandon. Waupun has become known as “The City With A Heart” due its friendly atmosphere and plethora of activities available for visitors including golf courses, swimming pools, museums and more. It also boasts several historic sites such as Fort Winnebago Surgeon’s Quarters or Waupun City Hall both dating back to before 1900.

In conclusion, Brandon Wisconsin is bordered by three smaller towns that offer their own unique attractions from historical sites to outdoor activities making it an ideal spot for those looking for some fun or relaxation. Whether you’re looking for some great views or just want some time away from it all this small town offers something special for everyone.

Population of Brandon, Wisconsin

According to biotionary, Brandon, Wisconsin is a small town located in Fond du Lac County, with a population of just over 1,500 people. It is situated on the banks of the Crawfish River and bordered by the towns of Byron to the north, Eldorado to the east and Waupun to the south.

The population of Brandon is predominantly white (96%) with a small percentage (4%) of other races such as African American, Native American and Asian. The median age in Brandon is 37.3 years old which is slightly lower than the state average (38.8 years). The town has an even gender split with 50% male and 50% female residents.

The majority of Brandon residents are married (54%), followed by those who are single (36%). The median household income for Brandon households is $59,438 which is slightly higher than the state median income ($56,811). In terms of educational attainment, 16% of Brandon residents have a Bachelor’s degree or higher while 28% have some college or an Associate’s degree.

Most people living in Brandon are employed in either manufacturing or retail trade industries. Other common occupations include administrative support (9%), sales (8%) and management jobs (7%). A large portion of people working in Brandon also work outside of town due to its proximity to larger cities such as Milwaukee and Madison which offer more job opportunities.

Brandon is a small rural community with a close knit population that offers many attractions for visitors including fishing at nearby lakes and rivers, camping at its numerous parks and trails or learning about its history at one of its many historical sites like Fort Winnebago or Old St Peter’s Church which dates back to 1845. Despite its size, it still offers plenty for everyone from outdoor activities to shopping at its downtown stores making it an ideal spot for those seeking some fun or relaxation.

Brandon, Wisconsin

Schools and Education of Brandon, Wisconsin

Brandon, Wisconsin is home to a diverse selection of educational institutions. The public school system is well-regarded, with the Brandon School District providing excellent educational opportunities to students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The district consists of two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. All of these schools feature state-of-the-art classrooms and technology, as well as a wide range of extracurricular activities and services such as athletics, band, music, art, Spanish language classes and much more. The district also works with the community to provide additional services such as afterschool programs for younger students and summer programs for older ones.

In addition to the public schools in Brandon, there are several private schools in the area that offer an alternative option for parents seeking a more specialized education for their children. These include religious-based schools such as St. Peter’s Lutheran School and St. Joseph Catholic School; independent schools such as Brandon Academy; and charter schools such as Great Lakes Academy Charter School. Each of these private schools offers a unique curriculum tailored to meet the needs of its students while still adhering to state standards of education excellence.

Landmarks in Brandon, Wisconsin

Brandon, Wisconsin is home to a variety of landmarks that have been around for many years and are integral parts of the community’s history. One of the oldest landmarks is the Brandon Town Hall, which was built in 1876 and has served as the center of town government ever since. The building is a classic example of Victorian architecture, with its red brick walls and white trim. Another historic landmark is the Brandon Presbyterian Church, which was built in 1891 and is still an active part of the community. The church features a distinctive steeple that stands out against the skyline.

The Brandon Fire Station also stands as an important landmark in town; it dates back to 1910 and has been home to local firefighters for more than a century. The station features an old-fashioned bell tower that rings out every time there is an emergency call. Other interesting landmarks include the old water tower, which was once used to store water for Brandon’s residents; and several old bridges that span across local rivers and creeks.

Finally, one of Brandon’s most beloved landmarks is also one of its newest: Liberty Park. This park was established in 2011 as a tribute to America’s veterans, featuring monuments dedicated to those who have served their country in times of war and peace alike. Each year on Memorial Day, residents come together at Liberty Park for a special ceremony honoring these brave individuals.