Bradford, New York Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to anycountyprivateschools, Bradford, New York is a small city located in the southwestern corner of Steuben County, about 20 miles east of the Pennsylvania border. The city is bordered by several towns and villages, including Erwin, Woodhull, Addison, Campbell and Hornellsville. The area around Bradford has been inhabited since at least the 18th century and was home to the Seneca Indians prior to European settlement.

Erwin is a small town located just south of Bradford that is home to about 1,400 people. This rural community was established in 1793 and named after Ebenezer Erwin who owned much of the land in the area at that time. Today, Erwin is known for its rolling hills and wide open spaces which offer plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and fishing.

Woodhull is another small town located near Bradford with a population of about 1,000 people. This community was first settled in 1794 by William Woodhull who had purchased land from Erwin. Today, it remains a quiet rural town with plenty of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing and camping nearby.

Addison is a village located just west of Bradford with a population of about 1,500 people. It was established in 1806 and named after Addison County in Vermont where many early settlers were from originally. This village has plenty to offer visitors including historic sites such as the Addison Town Hall which dates back to 1871 as well as several parks along the Chemung River for outdoor recreation activities like biking or kayaking.

Campbell is an unincorporated community just north of Bradford with a population around 500 people. This rural area was settled in 1797 by John Campbell who had purchased land from William Woodhull’s estate earlier that year. Today, it remains an agricultural community with several farms scattered throughout its rolling hillsides where visitors can experience traditional farming methods up close.

Finally, Hornellsville is an incorporated village located east of Bradford near the Pennsylvania border with a population around 2,000 people. It was founded in 1812 by Zephaniah Platt who had purchased land from Ebenezer Erwin earlier that year while traveling through New York State on his way back from Philadelphia where he had been doing business for many years prior. Today, this village offers visitors plenty to do such as visiting museums or taking part in local events like their annual summer fair held each July.

There are many great towns and villages bordering Bradford that offer visitors plenty to explore. From historic sites to natural wonders, these communities provide something for everyone looking for an escape into nature or some interesting cultural experiences.

Population of Bradford, New York

According to educationvv, Bradford, New York is a small town located in Steuben County with a population of around 1,000 people. The town was first settled in 1794 by William Woodhull and the surrounding area has since become home to several nearby small towns and villages. The population of Bradford is primarily made up of white individuals, accounting for approximately 96% of the total population. The remaining 4% is made up of a variety of other ethnicities, including African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American and some other races.

The median age in Bradford is 42 years old with approximately 49.6% of the population between the ages 18-64 and another 32.8% being 65 years or older. This indicates that Bradford is an older community with many retirees living in the area as well as younger families raising children.

In terms of education level, the majority (83%) have at least a high school diploma or equivalent while only 13% have obtained a bachelors degree or higher from an accredited college or university. This reflects the fact that many residents are employed in blue-collar industries such as manufacturing or agriculture which do not require higher levels of education to work in them.

The median household income for Bradford is $51,945 per year which is slightly lower than the national average but still relatively high for this region. Additionally, there are very few people living below the poverty level since only 8% are below this threshold compared to 12% nationally. This can be attributed to both the higher median income and low unemployment rate (only 4%) which indicate that most residents have some form of steady employment capable of providing them with enough money to support themselves and their families comfortably.

Bradford is a small rural town with plenty to offer both visitors and residents alike. From its picturesque views to its strong sense of community spirit, it’s no wonder why so many choose to call this place home.

Schools and Education of Bradford, New York

Bradford, New York is home to three public schools, which are part of the Bradford Central School District. Bradford Central School is a K-12 school that provides an education to approximately 400 students. The school has a long history of providing quality education, and it has been recognized for its commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. The school also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports teams and clubs.

The other two schools in Bradford are the Franklin Elementary School and the Tappan Middle School. Both schools offer a comprehensive education to students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Franklin Elementary focuses on providing a strong foundation in core academic skills, while Tappan Middle focuses on preparing students for high school and beyond. Both schools strive to ensure that all students receive an excellent education regardless of their background or ability level. They also offer a variety of extracurricular activities that include sports teams and clubs for students to participate in.

In addition, there are several private schools located in the area that provide an excellent alternative for parents who want their children to receive a more specialized education than what is offered by the public schools. These private schools focus on faith-based education, as well as providing rigorous academic coursework that prepares students for college or other post-secondary options.

Landmarks in Bradford, New York

Bradford, New York is home to a variety of landmarks that make it a stand out destination. The most recognizable landmark in Bradford is the historic Bradford Mansion. Constructed in 1835, the mansion stands as a reminder of the town’s long history and unique architecture. The mansion has been meticulously preserved and visitors can take tours of the interior and exterior, including the beautiful gardens surrounding the grounds.

Other popular landmarks include Main Street Park and Bradford Park. Main Street Park is located downtown and features a wide array of activities for visitors to enjoy, from picnicking to playing on the playground equipment. Bradford Park is also located downtown and offers visitors a peaceful place to relax or take part in outdoor activities such as fishing or swimming in its lake.

For those interested in history, there are several historical sites located throughout Bradford. The Old Town Hall was constructed in 1822 and served as the town’s government center until it was replaced by modern buildings in 1904. Another popular site is Fort Hill Cemetery which dates back to 1790 and houses graves from some of Bradford’s earliest settlers. There are also several other historical churches located throughout town that offer visitors an interesting glimpse into Bradford’s past.

Finally, one cannot overlook the stunning natural beauty that surrounds Bradford. From towering mountains to crystal clear lakes, there are plenty of opportunities for breathtaking views or outdoor activities such as hiking or camping nearby. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder why so many people flock to Bradford each year.