Boonville, Missouri Population, Schools and Landmarks

Boonville, Missouri is a charming city located in Cooper County and is bordered by several other cities and towns. To the north of Boonville lies the vibrant city of Columbia with its bustling downtown area full of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. To the east is Pilot Grove, a small town known for its historic sites like the Pilot Grove Covered Bridge which was built in 1871. Further east lies Otterville, another small town that is home to several historic buildings including a post office that dates back to 1832.

To the south of Boonville lies Prairie Home, a rural town known for its annual rodeo held each summer. Further south lies Jamestown, a small community with plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing and camping at Lake Jacomo State Park.

To the west of Boonville lies Blackwater, an unincorporated community with plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities including hiking and bird-watching at Blackwater Conservation Area. Further west is Armstrong, a small town known for its historic buildings such as Armstrong School which was built in 1880.

These cities and towns all border Boonville and offer visitors plenty to explore during their visit. From historic sites to outdoor activities, there are plenty of things to do around Boonville no matter what your interests are. Whether you’re looking for an exciting night out or just want to relax in nature there’s something for everyone near Boonville.

Boonville, Missouri

Population of Boonville, Missouri

According to andyeducation, Boonville, Missouri is a small town of 8,319 people located in Cooper County. It is located on the Missouri River and is the county seat. The population of Boonville is primarily made up of Caucasians, with the largest racial group being White at 94.1%. African Americans make up 2.4%, Asians comprise 0.7%, and Native Americans are 0.2% of the population. The median age in Boonville is 38 years old, with 25% of the population being under 18 years old and 13% over 65 years old. The median household income in Boonville is $43,912 per year, with 21% of families living below the poverty line and 11% living in poverty.

The majority of residents in Boonville are employed by manufacturing industries such as food processing and plastics production, as well as local service businesses such as hair salons and restaurants. Health care services are also a major employer for the area, with both Cooper County Memorial Hospital and Boone Medical Group providing medical care to residents of Boonville and surrounding areas. Education services are provided by public schools within the district including David Barton Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and Central Methodist University. Religion plays an important role in many aspects of life for many residents in Boonville; churches from various denominations can be found throughout town including Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian and more.

Schools and Education of Boonville, Missouri

Boonville, Missouri is served by the Boonville R-I School District, which consists of four schools: David Barton Elementary School, Boonville Middle School, Boonville High School, and Central Methodist University. At David Barton Elementary School, students in grades K-5 are taught the basic core subjects of math, language arts, social studies, and science as well as art and physical education classes. At Boonville Middle School students in grades 6-8 are offered a more rigorous curriculum to prepare them for high school. The school also offers a variety of elective courses such as foreign language and music. At Boonville High School students are offered a wide range of courses to choose from including Advanced Placement (AP) classes and college prep courses. The school also provides a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs for students to get involved in.

Central Methodist University is located just outside of town and offers associate’s degrees through its General Education program or bachelor’s degrees in areas such as business administration, education, nursing or criminal justice through its select schools. The university also offers master’s degrees in areas such as business administration or education leadership along with doctoral programs. CMU provides access to online classes through its eLearning program for those who cannot attend on-campus classes due to work or family obligations. It also offers several study abroad programs for its students that allow them to explore different cultures while earning credits toward their degree. Check toppharmacyschools for top computer science schools in Missouri.

Landmarks in Boonville, Missouri

Boonville, Missouri is home to a variety of landmarks that are sure to delight both locals and visitors alike. One of the most recognizable landmarks in Boonville is the historic “Old Courthouse” which was built in 1838 and served as the county courthouse until 1876. This building has been preserved and is now a museum that features exhibits about the history of the town. Visitors can also explore the interactive exhibits that tell stories about the people who have lived in Boonville throughout its history.

The historic downtown area of Boonville is a great place to explore for visitors who want to learn more about this charming town. The streets are lined with historic buildings such as churches, stores, and homes dating back to the early 1800s. Many of these buildings have been restored and offer a glimpse into life during this time period.

Those looking for outdoor activities can visit one of Boonville’s many parks or take a walk along one of its scenic trails. The Katy Trail State Park runs through Boonville and offers visitors access to over 225 miles of trails perfect for walking, biking, or horseback riding. Cooper’s Landing Park is another popular spot offering visitors access to fishing, boating, camping, and picnicking areas along with beautiful views of the Missouri River.

For those interested in seeing some wildlife up close, they should head over to Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area located just outside of town. This area provides visitors with access to over 900 acres of wetlands perfect for bird watching or simply admiring nature’s beauty up close.

No matter what your interests may be, there is something for everyone in Boonville. From historical attractions to outdoor activities and more, this small town has something for everyone.