Bolivar, Missouri Population, Schools and Landmarks

According to maternityetchic, Bolivar, Missouri is a charming small town located in the southwest corner of the state. It is bordered by five other cities and towns: Springfield to the north, Fair Play to the east, Buffalo to the south, and Stockton and Humansville to the west. Bolivar is just over an hour’s drive from both Kansas City and St. Louis, making it an ideal location for those looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The town of Bolivar itself has a population of around 11,000 people as of 2020, making it one of the smaller towns in Missouri. Despite its small size, however, there’s still plenty to do here. The downtown area features numerous historic buildings including two courthouses—the Polk County Courthouse and The Old Polk County Courthouse—and several churches with unique architecture. There are also several shops and restaurants located in this area that offer visitors a variety of different dining options or souvenirs to take home with them.

Just outside of town lies one of Missouri’s most popular parks: Lake Pomme de Terre State Park. This park offers plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, camping, hiking trails, and more. Visitors can also rent cabins or boats for longer stays or take part in some fun-filled events like fishing tournaments or live music performances throughout the year.

For those looking to explore beyond Bolivar’s city limits there are several nearby towns that offer their own unique experiences as well. To the north lies Springfield where visitors can explore its many attractions such as Fantastic Caverns or visit its many museums like The Air & Military Museum of Missouri or Wonders Of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium. Eastward lies Fair Play which is known for its wineries where you can sample some delicious wines from local vineyards. To the south lies Buffalo which offers great shopping opportunities with its many antique stores and boutiques while Stockton & Humansville offer quaint small-town vibes with their Main Streets full of unique shops and restaurants.

In conclusion, Bolivar is a great place for those looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or an extended vacation filled with outdoor activities. With so much to do right here within city limits as well as nearby towns, you’re sure to find something that suits your interests no matter what they may be.

Bolivar, Missouri

Population of Bolivar, Missouri

The town of Bolivar, Missouri is situated in the south-central region of the state, and is home to around 11,000 people as of 2020. This small town has a diverse population with a majority of residents being Caucasian (77%), followed by African Americans (17%) and other races making up the remaining 6%. The median age for Bolivar residents is 32 years old and the median household income is $48,000 per year.

Bolivar has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1835. The town was named after Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan soldier and statesman who fought for independence from Spain. Today, Bolivar is home to several historic buildings including two courthouses—the Polk County Courthouse and The Old Polk County Courthouse—as well as several churches with unique architecture.

The local economy in Bolivar relies heavily on tourism as it’s located near Lake Pomme de Terre State Park which offers plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, camping, hiking trails, and more. Additionally, there are numerous shops and restaurants located in the downtown area that offer visitors a variety of different dining options or souvenirs to take home with them.

Education opportunities are abundant in Bolivar too – there are three elementary schools (Westview Elementary School, Fair Play Elementary School and Southwest Elementary School), one middle school (Bolivar Middle School) and one high school (Bolivar High School). These educational institutions provide quality instruction for students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Overall, Bolivar is an ideal place to live or visit due to its small size yet big attractions. From its historic buildings to its abundance of outdoor activities or shopping opportunities—there’s something here for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or an extended vacation full of fun activities—Bolivar has it all.

Schools and Education of Bolivar, Missouri

Bolivar, Missouri is home to three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Westview Elementary School is the oldest school in the district and was founded in 1886. It offers a range of programs for students from kindergarten through 5th grade. Fair Play Elementary School was established in 1921 and serves students from kindergarten through 5th grade. Southwest Elementary School opened in 1997 and provides educational services for students from kindergarten to 5th grade. Bolivar Middle School was established in 1977 and serves students from 6th to 8th grade. Lastly, Bolivar High School opened its doors in 1904 and provides instruction for grades 9 – 12.

The schools are well-equipped with modern facilities that include up-to-date classrooms, computer labs, libraries, cafeterias, sports fields, and more. Additionally, all of the schools offer a variety of extracurricular activities such as band, choir, drama clubs, student council and robotics teams.

The district also offers an extensive range of educational programs such as Advanced Placement courses (AP), honors classes (HON), dual enrollment with nearby colleges (DE), online learning opportunities (OL) as well as special education programs (SPED). The district also participates in the Missouri Virtual Instruction Program (MOVIP) which allows students to take courses without leaving home or school.

In addition to these academies and programs offered by the public school system of Bolivar Missouri there are also a number of private schools available including St John’s Lutheran School which offers classes from PreKindergarten through 8th grade; St Joseph Catholic School which offers PreKindergarten through 8th grade; Cornerstone Christian Academy which offers PreKindergarten through 12th grade; Central Bible College which offers Associate’s degrees; Southwest Baptist University which offers undergraduate degrees; Ozark Christian College which offers Associate’s degrees; College of the Ozarks which offers Bachelor’s degrees; William Jewell College which offers Bachelor’s degrees; Drury University which offer Bachelor’s degrees; Evangel University which offer Bachelor’s degrees; Webster University-Springfield Campus which offer Master’s degree programs; Missouri State University-Springfield Campus offering Doctoral degree programs. Check toppharmacyschools for top biological sciences schools in Missouri.

Overall, Bolivar has an excellent education system that provides quality instruction for all ages from kindergarten through college. Through its public schools and private institutions—Bolivar residents have access to a wide range of educational opportunities that can help them achieve their goals both academically and professionally.

Landmarks in Bolivar, Missouri

Bolivar, Missouri is a vibrant city with plenty of things to see and do. The historic downtown area is full of charming buildings, unique shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It’s easy to spend a day exploring the area’s many attractions.

The Polk County Courthouse is one of the more prominent landmarks in Bolivar. Built in 1871, the courthouse was designed in the Italianate-style and features a distinctive clock tower that rises above the surrounding buildings. The courthouse serves as a reminder of Bolivar’s rich history and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Polk County Museum is another must-see landmark in Bolivar. Located in the old city hall building, it contains an impressive collection of artifacts related to local history and culture. Visitors can explore exhibits about Native Americans, early settlers, Civil War battles, and much more. There are also interactive displays that bring this past alive for visitors of all ages.

The Bolivar Commercial Historic District is another important landmark in town. Located within walking distance from downtown Bolivar, this district contains many 19th century buildings that have been carefully preserved over time. Visitors can admire these beautiful structures while shopping at some of the district’s unique stores or dining at one of its delicious restaurants.

For those interested in outdoor activities there are several parks located throughout Bolivar including Rotary Park which features a large playground and picnic area; Memorial Park which includes two tennis courts; Southside Park which has several baseball fields; and Northside Park which offers walking trails along with fishing access points for local streams and ponds.

Finally, no visit to Bolivar would be complete without stopping by Southwest Baptist University or College of the Ozarks both located nearby in Point Lookout MO These two institutions provide excellent educational opportunities for students looking to pursue their academic dreams while experiencing all that Southwest Missouri has to offer

Overall, Bolivar Missouri has plenty of landmarks worth exploring whether you are visiting for business or pleasure. From historic courthouses to educational institutions there are plenty of attractions that will keep you busy during your stay.