Belize Area Code

+501 is the dialing code for Belize.

Belize, formerly called British Honduras, became independent in 1981. The country is located in Central America but has more in common with the island nations of the Caribbean than with the Spanish-speaking neighboring countries. English is the official language. Tourism has emerged as the largest source of income; foreign visitors are attracted by, among other things, the world’s second longest coral reef. Formal Head of State is the British Queen, represented by a Governor General.

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Geography and climate

Belize Area Code

Belize is located on the east coast of Central America and on the surface is slightly larger than Värmland. Off the coast to the Caribbean in the east are a number of islands and the longest coral reef of the western hemisphere.

Along the coast there are marshes and lagoons. The northern part of Belize is made up of plains, while the south is dominated by the Maya Mountains with peaks over 1,000 meters above sea level. Belize borders Mexico in the north and Guatemala in the west and south.

The climate is predominantly tropical with high temperature and high humidity. In the north it rains from April to May and December and in the south the rainy season is slightly longer. On the coast, the temperature is lowered by winds from the Atlantic. Between June and November, Belize is sometimes hit by hurricanes.

Country Facts


Cultivated land 6.9 %
Land area 22966 km 2

Population and health

Population development 1.87 ‰
Urban population (Urbanization) 44 %
Death rate 5.97 per 1000 residents
Life expectancy: Women 70.25 years
Life expectancy: Men 67.01 years
Birth rate 24.68 births per 1000 residents
HDI index 0.715
Population 347369
Infant mortality 19.82 deaths / 1000 births

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Electricity, production 423 million kWh
Energy consumption per resident 596.5 kg. oil per resident
Natural gas, production million cubic meters
Crude oil, production million tons


Internet users 26.8 per 100 residents
Mobile subscriptions 51 per 100 residents
Passenger cars 174 per 1000 residents

Business and economics

Unemployment 12.9% of the workforce
GDP 8400 per resident
Primary occupations 10.2 %
Secondary profession 18.1 %
Tertiary professions 71.7 %



22,965 km2 (2018)


Swedish -7 hours

Adjacent country (s)

Mexico, Guatemala

Capital with number of residents

Belmopan 14,500

Other major cities

Belize City 65,000, San Ignacio / Santa Elena 17,000 (2010)

Highest mountain

Victoria Peak (1 122 m asl)

Important rivers

Belize river

Average Precipitation / year

1 350 mm in the north, 4,500 mm in the south

Average / day

27 °C (May – Sept), 24 °C (Nov – Jan)