Bay Shore, New York Population, Schools and Landmarks

Bay Shore, New York is a vibrant town located on the south shore of Long Island, in Suffolk County. With a population of over 28,000 people, it is one of the most populous towns in Suffolk County. The town borders the villages of Brightwaters and West Islip to the north, Babylon and Islip to the west, and Great South Bay to the south. Bay Shore has a strong sense of community spirit and is home to some excellent schools, parks and recreational activities.

The town’s main street is Main Street which runs through its center and connects with Sunrise Highway to the east and Montauk Highway to the west. Along Main Street you’ll find popular restaurants, shops and other businesses that cater to both locals and visitors alike. There are also several parks including Argyle Park which features a playground as well as tennis courts; Bay Shore Marina Park which offers fishing docks; Boulton Park which has basketball courts; Eisenhower Park which has baseball fields; Heckscher State Park with its swimming pool; and Long Island Maritime Museum with its collection of maritime artifacts.

The town is served by two school districts: Bay Shore Union Free School District (K-12) and South Country Central School District (K-12). Both districts offer excellent educational opportunities for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. There are also several private schools in Bay Shore such as St. Patrick’s Catholic School (pre-K through 8th grade) and Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Catholic School (pre-K through 8th grade).

In addition to educational opportunities, Bay Shore offers an array of recreational activities for residents including beaches along Great South Bay for swimming or sunbathing; hiking trails in Heckscher State Park; boat tours around Fire Island National Seashore; fishing charters on Great South Bay or inland lakes such as Lake Ronkonkoma; golf courses at West Sayville Golf Course or Timber Point Golf Course; festivals throughout the year like Summerfest or Polar Bear Plunge Day during winter months; plus many more.

From its beautiful beaches to its great schools, parks and recreation areas – there’s something for everyone in this dynamic town. Whether you’re looking for a place to live or just visiting – you’ll find plenty of things to do in Bay Shore.

Bay Shore, New York

Population of Bay Shore, New York

According to andyeducation, Bay Shore, New York is a small town located on the south shore of Long Island, approximately 50 miles east of New York City. It has a population of 28,191 people, according to the 2020 US Census. The majority of the population is White (78.5%), followed by Black or African American (10.9%), Hispanic or Latino (8.2%), Asian (1.7%) and other races (1.7%). Bay Shore also has a large immigrant population, with 20.1% of its residents being foreign-born from countries such as India, China, Dominican Republic and Mexico. The median age is 38 years old and the median household income is $77,944 in 2019 dollars.

The town has an array of housing options ranging from single-family homes to apartment complexes and condominiums. There are also several parks in Bay Shore that provide recreational activities for residents such as walking trails, bike paths and playgrounds for children. In addition to these amenities, there are also numerous restaurants and shops that cater to both locals and visitors alike offering everything from casual dining to retail stores for shopping and entertainment venues such as movie theaters and arcades for children of all ages to enjoy. Bay Shore offers a safe environment with plenty of activities for its residents making it an ideal place to live.

Schools and Education of Bay Shore, New York

Bay Shore, New York is served by the Bay Shore Union Free School District which includes five elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The district also offers a variety of special programs such as advanced placement classes and career exploration classes. The district has an average graduation rate of 87%, which is higher than the national average.

In addition to the Bay Shore Union Free School District, there are several private schools in the area offering religious-based education and alternative learning styles such as Montessori. These private schools specialize in areas such as early childhood, elementary, secondary and special education.

The town is home to many higher education institutions including Stony Brook University, Suffolk County Community College and Long Island University – C W Post Campus. Stony Brook University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide range of disciplines including engineering, business administration, liberal arts and sciences, nursing and health sciences. Suffolk County Community College provides two-year degree programs in over 50 academic majors ranging from accounting to psychology. Long Island University – C W Post Campus is a four-year liberal arts college offering bachelor’s degrees in a variety of fields including criminal justice, information technology management and marketing. Check toppharmacyschools for top computer science schools in New York.

Bay Shore is also home to several adult educational opportunities such as continuing education classes through local libraries or community centers that offer courses on topics ranging from art history to computer programming. There are also many online learning programs available for students who prefer to learn at their own pace or for those who cannot attend traditional classes due to work or family obligations.

Bay Shore offers its residents access to quality educational opportunities at all levels from public school districts to private institutions of higher learning providing them with the tools they need for success.

Landmarks in Bay Shore, New York

Bay Shore, New York is a charming seaside town located along the south shore of Long Island. This family-friendly community is rich in history and culture, boasting a variety of attractions to explore. From historic sites to natural wonders, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Bay Shore.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Bay Shore is the Fire Island Lighthouse. This iconic structure was built in 1858 and stands as a beacon of hope for those who find themselves lost at sea. Visitors can climb to the top of the lighthouse and take in stunning views of Fire Island and beyond. The Fire Island Lighthouse also has an informative museum on site that details its history and offers educational programs for children.

Another popular attraction in Bay Shore is the Robert Moses Causeway Park. Located at the entrance to Fire Island National Seashore, this park features a variety of activities such as swimming, fishing, bird watching and more. There are also plenty of picnic areas where visitors can relax and take in breathtaking views of Great South Bay.

The Drs James & Mary Doolittle House Museum is another great place to visit while in Bay Shore. Built in 1775, this historic home provides a glimpse into life on Long Island during colonial times with its period furnishings and artifacts on display. Visitors can also take part in guided tours that provide insight into how life was lived during this era.

Bay Shore’s waterfront area features an array of activities for visitors to enjoy including kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing charters and much more. The waterfront area also features several restaurants offering delicious seafood dishes such as lobster rolls, clam chowder and more. Additionally, there are several shops selling souvenirs such as t-shirts or mugs with images depicting Bay Shore’s rich maritime history printed on them.

No matter what your interests may be – from exploring historical landmarks to enjoying outdoor activities – you’ll find something fun and exciting to do during your stay in Bay Shore.