Attractions of Bahrain

The Bahrain National Museum, opened in 1988, is one of the oldest museums in the country and houses a huge collection of ancient artefacts. The museum has 6 sections and 9 main halls, which represent the cultural heritage and forty centuries of history of Bahrain.

“House of the Quran” is a unique complex dedicated to the Islamic religion and culture. The complex contains various manuscripts of the Holy Scriptures of different periods, collected from all over the Islamic world, thanks to which one can trace the evolution of Arabic calligraphy and the history of the Koran. It houses the world’s largest collection of rare Islamic manuscripts and works of art, exhibited on a permanent basis. The complex also includes a unique museum dedicated exclusively to the Holy Scriptures and works of art inspired by the Qur’an. The museum also contains the oldest copy of the translation of the Qur’an into Latin, which was made in Switzerland in 955 AD. e., and rice grains of the 14th century found in Pakistan, on which suras of the Koran are engraved.

Barbar Temple – a famous monument located in the town of Barbar, is a complex of three religious buildings dated 3000-2000 BC. BC e. and placed one above the other. The ruins of two altars and a natural spring, which had a cult significance in the era of the Dilmun civilization, have been preserved on the territory of the complex.

Complex of “Royal Graves” – located near the village of A’ali and is a grandiose complex of barrows. Here, according to legend, the necropolis of ancient monarchs is also located.

Al Jasrah Crafts Center – renowned for its workshops of traditional fabrics and palm wickerwork, and regularly hosts traditional lifestyle festivals

The “Tree of Life” is an acacia tree that has stood in the middle of the desert without water for over 400 years, and is called by many the tree from the Gardens of Eden. According to biblical traditions, it was in Bahrain that the Garden of Eden was located.

The Oil Museum (1992), located near “well number 1”, hosts interesting exhibitions on the history of the country’s oil industry, many samples of equipment, documents, old photographs, and even a working model of an oil platform.

Mount Jabal al-Dukkhan (“Mountain of Smoke”, 134 m) is the highest point of the island, “well number 1”, around which dozens of oil rigs still rise. Not far from the mountain, in the middle of the hot desert, grows the famous mesquite “Tree of Life” – an age-old tree that miraculously lives in the desert.

Al-Muharraq Island is a picturesque historical island located a few kilometers east of the island of Bahrain. Several buildings with traditional architecture have been preserved on the island – the House of Sheikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa (in 1869-1932 served as a government residence), the forts of Abu Mahir (16th century) and Kalat Arad (16th century), as well as a small a shipyard specializing in the construction of traditional local dhows.

Camel Farm – Camels live in an open space on this farm, which makes it possible to be in close proximity to them in natural conditions. There are more than 400 camels here. If you wish, you can ride your favorite camel around the farm

Diving – warm clear water throughout the year, coral reefs and an amazingly diverse underwater world provide excellent conditions for diving. There are good diving schools here, and in local dive centers you can rent all the necessary equipment. In the waters of Bahrain there are about 30 varieties of coral polyps and more than 200 species of fish (clowns, surgeons, lions, sea bass, tuna, mackerel, barracuda, rays). The northern reefs of the archipelago are especially rich in underwater life. And dugongs (sea cows), feeding on sea grass, come to the south coast in the winter months. In addition, traces of maritime tragedies can be found under water – the remains of sunken ships, tugboats, barges and aircraft. However, most lovers of the underwater world come to Bahrain for “pearl” diving.

Night life. The most popular restaurants and clubs:
Block 338 (Block 338) – a block in the center of Manama, where restaurants, art galleries and boutiques are located on every corner. It is here that the Al Riwaq Gallery is located, which hosts exhibitions of emerging Bahraini artists and masters from other countries.
Top 7 restaurants:
Masso – This restaurant is suitable for those who lead a healthy lifestyle, it serves healthy organic food of European cuisine. In the menu you will find both dishes for the whole company, and personally for yourself.
Café Lilou – At this Parisian-style brasserie, you can dine on the terrace with great views.
Upstairs Downstairs is a fine restaurant with a sophisticated design in cream and gold tones. The menu combines dishes from different countries – there is pasta, grilled meat, and curry. Throughout the week, the restaurant hosts shows, and local musicians often perform here on weekends.
Zoe is a Mediterranean restaurant with a modern interior. The restaurant is suitable for any occasion – be it an ordinary lunch, a business meeting, a romantic dinner or a holiday. On the roof you can enjoy incredible views of the city.
Mirai – In this non-standard Japanese restaurant you can try traditional Japanese cuisine with elements of classic Italian and French dishes.
Cafe Amsterdam – in this cafe you can enjoy Dutch and British cuisine, classic dishes from all over the world, including steaks, lobsters and even a vegan menu. The interior of the cafe is just as eclectic, with a conservative style area and a traditional dining area, and on the top floor you will find a sports bar.
The Foundry is an American bistro one of the newest and most popular places in the city. If you are looking for the perfect value for money, then you will definitely like it here. The industrial-style interior of the bistro is one of the reasons the place is growing in popularity – red brick walls, metal bars and leather chairs will remind you of a New York loft apartment.

Best nightclubs and lounges in Manama:
Bushido Restaurant & lounge
Coda Jazz Lounge
Hard Rock Café Bahrain
Liv Bahrain
Russo’s Restaurant & Lounge

Attractions of Bahrain