Arizona Area Codes

Arizona is one of the fifty American states. It was the third last territories to be elevated to this country, only after Hawaii and Alaska. Like many states in the southern United States, Arizona was initially colonized by Spain, passing to Mexican control in 1821. In 1848, the region became a member of the United States after the Mexican-American War.

Arizona is located in the southwestern United States, bordering on the west with the states of California and Nevada, on the north with Utah, on the east with New Mexico, and on the south with Mexico.

Grand Canyon National Park

One of its main characteristics is the desert climate present in a large part of its territory. Winters are mild, with average temperatures of 2ºC, while summers are quite hot, with temperatures ranging between 25ºC and 39ºC. Eventually, cold fronts from Canada and the northern United States can cause abnormal temperature drops in the state.

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Arizona has one of the highest population growth rates in the United States, as a result of strong Mexican immigration to the region, which is illegal in most of the time. It also has one of the largest numbers of Native Americans in the United States.

The state’s economy is based mainly on the provision of services, especially in the financial and real estate sectors. Another sector of significant importance is tourism. The Grand Canyon is located in the state, a geographical accident that is one of the largest and most famous American tourist destinations.

Map of Area Codes in Arizona

Area Code Map of Arizona

Arizona consists of the following area codes. Click on the area code to show the cities in that area code.

Arizona Area Codes by County

The area code of 480 is used in the following 2 counties:

  1. Maricopa, AZ
  2. Pinal, AZ

The area code of 520 is used in the following 9 counties:

  1. Cochise, AZ
  2. Coconino, AZ
  3. Gila, AZ
  4. Maricopa, AZ
  5. Pima, AZ
  6. Pinal, AZ
  7. Santa Cruz, AZ
  8. Yavapai, AZ
  9. Yuma, AZ

The area code of 602 is used in the following 1 counties:

  1. Maricopa, AZ

The area code of 623 is used in the following 2 counties:

  1. Maricopa, AZ
  2. Yavapai, AZ

The area code of 928 is used in the following 13 counties:

  1. Apache, AZ
  2. Coconino, AZ
  3. Gila, AZ
  4. Graham, AZ
  5. Greenlee, AZ
  6. La Paz, AZ
  7. Maricopa, AZ
  8. Mohave, AZ
  9. Navajo, AZ
  10. Pima, AZ
  11. Pinal, AZ
  12. Yavapai, AZ
  13. Yuma, AZ