Anaconda, Montana Population, Schools and Places of Interest

The small town of Anaconda, Montana is bordered by a number of cities and towns that offer a variety of activities and amenities. To the north lies the city of Butte, which is known for its rich mining heritage and as the home to Montana Tech. Here visitors can find a variety of shopping and dining options, along with outdoor recreation opportunities. To the east lies Deer Lodge, which offers a variety of attractions such as museums, historic sites and outdoor recreation areas. Further south lies the city of Philipsburg, which is located in Granite County and offers visitors access to Gem Mountain where they can search for sapphires or pan for gold. Additionally, Philipsburg has an active arts community with galleries, museums and performing arts venues. To the west lies Helmville, which is located in Powell County and offers visitors access to several recreational areas including fishing spots on the Blackfoot River. Lastly, Anaconda is also bordered by several small towns including Drummond, Elliston and Garrison. Each town has its own unique character with plenty of opportunities for exploring local culture, history or just enjoying the outdoors.

Anaconda, Montana

Population of Anaconda, Montana

Anaconda, Montana is a small city with a population of just over 9,000 people according to the 2019 U.S. Census Bureau. The majority of the population is white (82%) and the remaining population consists of Native American (10%), Hispanic (4%), Asian (2%), and African American (1%) individuals. There is also a small percentage of people who identify as two or more races (1%). The median age in Anaconda is 41 years old, with approximately one-third of the population between the ages of 25 and 44. In addition, there are significantly more women than men in Anaconda, with women making up 53% of the population compared to 47% for men.

The city’s economy is primarily based on industry, with many residents employed in manufacturing, healthcare, retail trade and construction sectors. Additionally, many residents work in hospitality services such as restaurants and hotels or in educational services such as schools and universities. The unemployment rate in Anaconda is 4%, which is slightly higher than both state and national averages.

The cost of living in Anaconda is slightly below average compared to other cities in Montana but still higher than national averages due to its remote location. However, housing costs remain relatively affordable at an average cost per square foot of $94 compared to $146 for the state overall.

Schools and Education in Anaconda, Montana

According to ANDYEDUCATION, Anaconda, Montana is served by the Anaconda School District, which serves over 1,400 students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The district consists of four elementary schools, a middle school and a high school. The Anaconda School District is committed to providing an excellent education to its students and has implemented a variety of initiatives in recent years to ensure that all students have access to the best possible learning opportunities.

Anaconda High School offers a wide variety of classes and programs for students, including advanced placement courses, career and technical education courses, and dual credit options with local colleges. The high school also offers extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs. In addition, the school district has implemented several programs designed to help close the achievement gap between different student populations.

The Anaconda School District also provides access to higher education opportunities for its students with partnerships with local community colleges. Additionally, many of the district’s graduates go on to pursue higher degrees at nearby universities or colleges in other states across the country.┬áCheck EDUCATIONVV for higher education in Montana.

Overall, Anaconda provides an excellent public education system for its residents that is committed to providing all students with the best possible learning opportunities. With an emphasis on academic excellence as well as extracurricular activities and higher education opportunities, Anaconda schools are an excellent choice for families looking for quality educational options in Montana.

Places of Interest in Anaconda, Montana

Anaconda, Montana has a wide variety of places of interest for visitors and residents alike. Located in the shadow of the majestic Pintler Mountains, Anaconda is home to a number of natural attractions, including parks and lakes. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of opportunities for fishing, hiking, camping and more.

The city is also home to several historic sites and museums that offer insight into the area’s past. The Anaconda Smelter Stack is a National Historic Landmark and stands as a reminder of the city’s history as a center for copper mining in the late 19th century. The Copper Village Museum & Arts Center houses artifacts from the area’s past as well as an art gallery showcasing local artists’ work.

For those looking for entertainment options, Anaconda offers plenty to do. The Old Works Golf Course is located on the grounds of an old copper smelting plant and provides an excellent 18-hole course with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. If shopping is more your style, Downtown Anaconda has several stores offering unique gifts and souvenirs.

Overall, Anaconda offers something for everyone with its natural beauty, historic sites and museums, outdoor recreation opportunities, golf courses and shopping options. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or cultural attractions there are plenty of places to explore in this charming Montana town.