Alexandria, Kentucky Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Alexandria, Kentucky is located in the heart of the Bluegrass State, nestled between Lexington and Cincinnati. The city is surrounded by a number of towns and cities that offer residents plenty of opportunities for exploration and entertainment.

To the north of Alexandria lies Falmouth, Kentucky. This small town is home to a variety of attractions that include a historic downtown district with shops, restaurants and museums. Visitors can also explore the nearby Waveland State Historic Site which offers visitors a glimpse into life during the 19th century.

To the east lies Williamstown, Kentucky – home to the Grant County Historical Society Museum which displays artifacts from the area’s past. There are also plenty of outdoor activities in Williamstown such as hiking trails and golf courses.

Just south of Alexandria lies Milford, Ohio – a small city filled with shops, restaurants and other amenities perfect for visitors looking for some fun or relaxation. Visitors can take advantage of numerous outdoor activities such as fishing at one of Milford’s many lakes or exploring one of its many parks.

Finally, to the west lies Cold Spring, Kentucky – a quaint town offering plenty to do including antique shopping in its downtown district or exploring one of its many parks such as Tower Park or Riverview Park. There are also several wineries in Cold Spring where visitors can sample some local wines while taking in views of Ohio River Valley.

Overall, Alexandria is surrounded by plenty of friendly towns that offer numerous attractions for visitors looking to explore or just relax! From historic sites to outdoor activities – there’s something here for everyone!

Alexandria, Kentucky

Population of Alexandria, Kentucky

Alexandria, Kentucky is a small city located in the heart of the Bluegrass State. According to the United States Census Bureau, Alexandria has a population of approximately 5,600 as of 2019. The city has seen a steady population growth over the past decade, increasing by nearly 10% since 2010.

The majority of Alexandria’s population is Caucasian, accounting for over 89% of the total population. African Americans make up 4.5%, while Hispanics and Latinos make up 3.5%. Other ethnicities include Asians and Native Americans which account for 1.9% and 0.1%, respectively.

In terms of age distribution, Alexandria’s population skews slightly older than the national average with 18% aged 65 or older compared to 16% nationwide. Nearly 25% are between 45-64 years old and nearly one-third are between 25-44 years old while only 22% are under 18 years old – slightly lower than the national average of 24%.

The median household income in Alexandria is approximately $50,000 – lower than both Kentucky ($53,000) and U.S Average ($61,000). The poverty rate in Alexandria is also higher than both Kentucky (15%) and U.S Average (11%), coming in at 21%.

Overall, Alexandria has a diverse population that skews slightly older than other cities across the nation with a median household income below both state and national averages. Despite this fact however – there are still plenty of opportunities for residents to enjoy all that this small city has to offer!

Schools and Education in Alexandria, Kentucky

According to ANDYEDUCATION, Alexandria, Kentucky is served by the Campbell County School District, which consists of six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The district also has a number of alternative education programs including an adult education center and a virtual learning academy.

Campbell County High School is the only public high school in Alexandria and serves over 1,000 students in grades 9-12. The school offers a wide variety of academic courses as well as extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs. The school also provides college preparation classes and has an impressive record of sending students to college.

The elementary schools in Alexandria are all part of the Campbell County School District and provide a solid foundation for students to build upon. These schools offer core subjects such as reading, math, science, social studies, physical education and music along with a variety of electives for students to choose from. Check EDUCATIONVV for higher education in Kentucky.

In addition to public schools, there are several private schools in Alexandria that offer K-12 education options for families who prefer this type of schooling. These include St. Mary’s Catholic School which serves PreK-8th grade students and Sts Peter & Paul Catholic School which serves grades 9-12.

Overall, Alexandria provides its residents with plenty of options when it comes to education – whether they choose public or private school – they can be sure that their children will receive a quality education that will prepare them for success!

Places of Interest in Alexandria, Kentucky

Alexandria, Kentucky is home to a variety of attractions that appeal to both visitors and locals alike. One of the most popular places to visit is the Alexandria Historic District, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This district includes historic homes, buildings, and churches that showcase the city’s unique history. Visitors can also take a tour of the historic Riverside Inn or explore some of the many antique stores in town.

The Campbell County Public Library is another great attraction in Alexandria. This library offers a wide selection of books, magazines, newspapers and other media for visitors to enjoy. It also hosts events such as book clubs and movie screenings throughout the year.

For those looking for outdoor activities, Alexandria has plenty to offer as well! The city has several parks including Banklick Park and Anderson Park which feature playgrounds, walking trails and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy. The nearby Licking River provides plenty of opportunities for fishing and boating as well as scenic views from its banks.

Alexandria also boasts several shopping centers including Turfway Plaza Shopping Center, Coldstream Village Shopping Center and Anderson Towne Center which are all home to a variety of stores ranging from national chains to local boutiques.

Overall, Alexandria has something for everyone – whether you’re looking for historical sites or outdoor activities – there are plenty of places to explore in this small town!