Academia Offers ‘Siesta Classes’

Have you heard of boxing classes, Yoga classes, meditation classes, but what about nap classes?

In a fast-paced world where the day seems to be less than 24 hours, there is hardly any time left to complete that list of tasks, let alone sleep. So it is not surprising that stress and fatigue are some of the main problems of contemporary life.

Knowing that sleep is essential for body and mind health, a gym in the UK began giving snooze classes at noon, just when we need to recharge our batteries to do the tasks that come next.

According to Sleepingbagsexpo, basically, the lessons consist of 15 minutes of stretching followed by 45 minutes of a delicious nap, in a room with the ideal temperature and a soft sleeping bag.

According to the organizers, the initiative aims to”reinvigorate the mind, show temperaments, and even burn calories.” And that’s no small talk to get customers. Several studies have already proven that a midday nap helps to deal with stress and increases the brain’s ability to learn and produce.

For the time being, classes take place on an experimental basis at the David Lloyd Club in Sidcup. But, soon, lessons should be included in the service offered across the UK, because what is not lacking are people after a few more hours of sleep, right?!