Abuse More of the Intelligence in Choosing Your Lingerie

Conventional fabrics gradually leave women’s wardrobes in Brazil and around the world giving way to so-called “smart textures”.

Abuse More of the Intelligence in Choosing Your Lingerie

 The difference is that the textile industry has taken pains to discover the shape of the female body not only with a mesh blade, but offering anatomical alternatives of intimate fashion, beauty, softness, lightness and compact surface. The same thing happens on the apparel side, with its product mix becoming more attentive to the woman’s biotypes, which should be more demanding in the purchase. After all, day-to-day lingerie is the one that stays the longest in you and therefore deserves more attention on the purchase.

So much attention in choosing the lingerie pieces that you will buy. Take into account, in the first place, the elasticity of the tissue, if you want something fairer or lighter in contact with your skin. The elastic microfibre plus, for example, is specially built to not shred and roll and is suitable for more sustaining parts. The microfiber light elastic has soft touch and is lighter. For hot places, there is a supply of “cold” fabrics and good absorption of sweat. The modeling comes next as a characteristic resulting from the texture of the synthetic mesh, the most used as underwear. Details such as adjustable straps and different shapes of bowls or bowls in the case of bras and panties conforming to the hip are aspects of essential functionalities in the selection and purchase of lingerie of more frequent use, the day to day.

The variation of designs or formats also requires intelligence to compose your intimate fashion wardrobe. The bra can be twisted, front knot, bow, no bow, it will fall, more or less neckline, swimmer in the back … the options are varied, including colors, and you should choose what is best for your look, comfort and practicality. Also do not forget the detail of the inner liner type. In addition to the light shades, dark, smooth and printed, the panties should not be thought of as a secondary piece. It may even have the shaping ability of your hip and butt, but its importance is more attributed to the decorative element. Therefore, when choosing them, try to vary in design so that they have thicker or thinner side straps, higher or lower waistband, wrinkled or not, jewelery or not, floss or more discreet.

Finally comes the time to use intelligence to compare prices and opt for the best value for money. That’s when the durability, ease of maintenance and consistency of the fabric and the finish of every detail of the piece of lingerie comes into the picture. Splicing seams, strips, plaited fabrics and folds should be analyzed with greater attention, as well as the quality of finishes on buckles, clasps, buttons and imitation jewelry. And live happy, charming and valued with your lingerie for many days to days.