50 Pages Fair Novelties, 35 Pages Extreme Watches and More

Relaunch Edition: Chronos 03.2016 in a new guise

50 Pages Fair Novelties, 35 Pages Extreme Watches and More

Is everything new in May? No: In this case the march. In time for the world’s largest watch fair Baselworld, the new, completely revamped Chronos appears today. In the Chronos 03.2016 and all the following editions there is more overview, more emotion and more clocks than before.

In InsideWatch.net, the three watches relevant aspects of brand, design and technology are in focus in all reports. There is no test and no portrait without info boxes to the watch brand shown, and always the design is considered as the most important part besides the technology. In the post-report to the Geneva Watch salon, Chronos not only distinguishes the watches with the most exciting technology, but also the most unusual and attention-strongest designs. In total, Chronos 03.2016 50 page novelties from this year’s watch fairs in Geneva and Basel.

In addition, a 35-page theme Special presents extreme watches that defy all adversity. No matter if shocks or blows, pressure or under pressure, high or low temperatures, salt water or even a 90-degree wash–these clocks are all unimpressed. In addition, tests of the extremely magnetic field protected Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m and the extremely watertight meaning T1 B as well as the expedition, pilot and diver watches of real adventurers.

In addition, the relaunch edition of a drive with Hublot and Ferrari, the clock icon Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and its prominent carriers up to Arnold Schwarzenegger, 9 watches under 1,000 euros and a friendly robot with time display. Ak

Here you can order the newly designed Chronos for 7.90 Euro free shipping.

And here you can download the new Chronos for 5.90 euro.

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