ZTE Nubia Z11 Max and Fashion Smartphone Review

They come from East new details about the Nubia Z11 Max, ZTE’s next top range with the fresh Chinese certification TENAA.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Max Review

The company’s CEO has published on social networks Weibo a device render and revealed that the 6-inch display with Full HD resolution will occupy even the 83.27% of the entire front body. This was made possible by making the side frames around your screen almost non-existent and limiting as much as possible the upper edge.

Please note that, to date, most smartphones has a “screen-to-body ratio” (i.e. a report screen-body) between 75 and 80%. This figure is even more striking the decision by ZTE to design and manufacture a device that has this characteristic, intending to offer the market a smartphone with a display as large as possible while maintaining “compact” size.

Through the recent certification TENAA were revealed the main specifications of this interesting device. In addition to the 6-inch Full HD display, the Nubia Z11 Max is equipped with a 1.8 GHz processor octa-core (probably a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652), 4 GB of RAM,64 gigs of internal memory expandable via microSD, a front camera from 8 Megapixels, a rear16 megapixels and a well 4000mAh.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Max and Fashion Smartphone Review 1

The smartphone is made of metal and the native operating system is Android in version 5.1.1 Lollipop.

There was no further information on the official presentation, although certification TENAA suggests that you are not missing too much time at its launch.

Fashion Eye-Catcher: Thus The Smartphone To The Fashion Fits

In the age of modern technology, Smartphone, Tablet, NetBook & co are a constant companion, is to choose it not easy for fashion fans their technology accessories always fit the fashion style. But the makers of the technology industry have responded long ago and always articles on the market are brought back, which are not only performance and technique in the foreground, but also the design.

The brand of ASUS, for example, is known for it repeatedly on the market to bring Netbooks in trendy colours, to need that hide in facilities not behind business notebooks. With tablets, the thing is much easier, because you can customize easily the look of this own style with matching trend films.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Max and Fashion Smartphone Review 2

Most probably the Smartphone comes to use, and here the choices are unfortunately still very limited as regards design. The trend towards the fashion phone like Nokia had tried him to call in the 2006/2007 with his amour collection is not yet on unfortunately with regard to Smartphones.

Who holds something in fashionable, you need still nothing unturned its Smartphone modischen style your own to let also to adapt. The Smartphone acts increasingly as a personal accessory that is expression of own fashion consciousness and to highlight the personal outfit . With our 5 tips, every fashionista can make your Smartphone to a fashionable accessory and highlight that everyone will be jealous.

Tip 1: stylish and exclusive mobile phone covers that extra

For many Smartphone owners means the Smartphone fashion to fit the screen lock and to personalize the background image, that is to design with your own images. What is however much earlier in the eye is the exterior of the phone. There are stylish cell phone casing almost in every imaginable color and with versatile patterns. They meet not only a protective function, but provide the ability to override personal nuances. Who cleverly chooses the choice of colours and patterns, can make any Smartphone with the appropriate cover to the fashionable matching accessories. Special insider tip: look not only into the common shops. On eBay, for example, there are chic, unique designs and unusual cases that are guaranteed to the catcher. Just a little look…

ZTE Nubia Z11 Max and Fashion Smartphone Review 3

Tip 2: are coloured mirror foil a Catcher

In addition to the classic mobile film there for a long time already the special mirror films covering the entire display of the unit. These produce a mirror effect which is only then optically transparent, when the display is turned on. Because the mirror slides in different colours are available, are also versatile, fashionable accessory to make your own cell phone.

Tip 3: Swarovski crystals, high-quality jewellery for Smartphone

Your own cell phone if you like, can equip with high-quality crystals and stones. These can be retrospectively applied to front and rear and back without a trace replaced at any time. There are stones in different colors and in every imaginable shape and size. With a little creativity, so chic patterns and designs themselves can be created.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Max and Fashion Smartphone Review 4

Tip 4: jewellery charms for your Smartphone

Before the age of the Smartphone, the so-called mobile trailers were very popular – a trend which from Japan a few years ago across spilled over, where the small follower are considered good-luck charm. Also for the Smartphone, there’s color or glittering jewellery charms in all price classes, making the cell phone an absolute eye-catcher. Also real jewelry, for example in the form of the mentioned Swarovski stones can be in the form of a trailer later on the mobile phone.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Max and Fashion Smartphone Review 5

Tip 5: back cover replace

Some phone manufacturers, which produce not only “unibody-devices”, offer the possibility to replace the back of the phone. Here, you can create extravagant fashion creations. In addition to patterns, similar to for example on hull or bumpers the own outfit underline, there are also functional advantages: an integrated screen protector, also offers many design possibilities can be adjusted like the back of own fashionable ideas as well. There is the back cover models such as also the covers in many different materials.

If you have no such device, which can achieve the same effect with bumpers or hardcases. Meanwhile, there are even many providers that allow you to print your own motifs on the cell phone cases.