Your Home Deserves Porcelain Tile

Exclusive brand coating can be placed in various rooms of the house, by having different versions. Know the product and income to its benefits.

Your Home Deserves Porcelain Tile

Technology combined with beauty: this is one of the characteristics of Artens porcelain tiles, exclusive brand. Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor environments (with and without cover), the parts are found in different rooms of the house, such as bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, backyards and garages.

To choose the ideal product for your environment, check the product application area, if you need a product to the outside area remember to assess whether the product is non-slip. To facilitate your choice, we specify this feature in every product.

Based on these analyzes, it is time to choose the color of your Artens porcelain tiles, available in beige tone, gray, white, brown and black.

Then choose the type of surface finish this finish can be:

  • Polished, which ensures brightness and elegance to the environment;
  • Enamelled, which ensures a layer of protection against stains;
  • Enamelled polished, a finish that provides high brightness and high resistance to stains.

Other relevant information is the side finish, with straight edge products use less grouts and improve the visual aspect, as products with rounded edge have better cost benefit.

Regardless of your choice, two characteristics are common to all products: quality and the lowest market prices. Check it at Necessaryhome!