You in Tempojunto: Playing Is Best Gift with Paula Marconi

Hi! Here is the Patcamargo. And I’m here again to present one of our super Tempojunto companions. In this column You on Tempojunto, who writes are other mothers, fathers, uncles and grandfathers who know the importance of the game for the life and development of children and accompany with love, having a life brincante!

You in Tempojunto: Playing Is Best Gift with Paula Marconi

Who writes today is Paula Marconi, a baby that takes advantage of the time you have available to show daughter Isabela as the world can be amazing, through many games of exploration and development. To inspire!

I’m Paula, mother of Isabella of 3 years, and one of the things I always remember my mother saying: “the work of child’s play, if she plays and develops all your imagination, will have more chances to succeed in life”.

During the first year of life of my daughter, as she was growing up and becoming interested more in things around us, I began to feel the need to play with it. But at the same time, I felt a little lost. First because I didn’t know how to play; second because I didn’t have much time; and third because whenever I was looking for a toy at, such as RC car, ended up with something electronic and usually very noisy in the hands.

But I didn’t want her to play with “something”, wanted to play with me. I wish it was our special time of the day, I worked all day.

I was a very active child, grew up on the farm, playing in the street of Pike catch, hide-and-seek, hopscotch, and that was the childhood that I wanted for my daughter. I never liked the idea of keeping it all day at home or in school full-time, surrounded by electronics and plastic toys. I wanted her to meet the animals, play in the dirt, if dirty and know your knees! And that’s why I started researching on the internet way to play without toys ready. And that’s when I found the “Tempojunto”.

With the help of the blog I started to get organized. My routine is super race and for a few days of the week get to be 12 hours out of the House. So if I wanted to play with my daughter, I had to learn how to get organized. I created a list of essential items to play with and often enter the blog for search games. On weekends it’s easier, we play the schedule that you want, but during the week I arranged to play on my lunch hour or so when I get home at the end of the day. Isabella already know and when you wake up the NAP and see me in the House coming soon asking which the activity. This is our moment together, when we enjoyed and we connect.

I always prioritize activities that let her use and abuse of imagination, develop hand-eye coordination and involving something we do together. And I hope, that when she grows up she didn’t remember that I worked a lot, but that despite working hard, I always had time for her, she was my priority.

Every day, I try as much as possible avoid TV and toys also purchased, in fact I have nothing against toys purchased and often buy things for my daughter, but I think a lot more fun “put his hand in the cookie jar”, make a joke, use their imagination, rather than play with something ready. Sometimes the activity going for a completely unexpected path and turns into a prank super different! But that’s the beauty of playing! We can do and be whatever we want and we don’t have to hold anything. I confess that in the beginning was not easy. I was lazy and felt uncomfortable playing, but today these are the most entertaining moments of my day. Many times I find myself anxious to get back home and see what the reaction of Isabela with activity that I’m going to propose to her.

Lately, the joke has been champion the “Colourful Eruption” here of Tempojunto. For children 3-4 years is guaranteed success! Isabella loves to see the reaction that makes vinegar when mixed with baking soda, has a lot of fun watching the foam up and take care of everything. Asks to repeat again, and again, and again. It seems that we are now entering the world of scientific experiments and is simply fascinated! By the way, I accept suggestions of joke like that!

Today I can only say that it is worth people, well worth this time with our puppies, the possibility of seeing them develop new skills and having fun in the meantime. Nothing pays the glow of happiness in their eyes as they pass by this time with us!

I just loved the testimony of Paula. I’m super excited when I meet so many people like her and how you are making this world a more brincante! Let’s hit play, because play is your best gift for your kids!