X-COM: Enemy Unknown, Strategic Command Games for Android

Latest chapter in the iconic strategies gispi is now ready for Android.

The venerable turn-based strategy game from 2 k Games now, finally finds its way to Android. Since the first chapter in the X-COM series affected trade in the nineties has strategy game guaranteed sleepless nights with generaller and strategists in spe. And now also for Android in a tablet-optimized version.

The Earth is under attack by a malicious swarm of aliens, and as a player you have to save the world and all its inhabitants from the alien hordes. Not a further creative plot, but to win the game, it just requires creativity, strategic sense and a healthy dose of tactical skill.

As the leader of the nascent resistance movement, will you, with connector pins-operations and development of the right weapons technology, could stem the tide of invasion. It requires forethought, for improper disposal of the always scarce resources, will have a major impact as the game progresses.

X-COM: Enemy unknown can be downloaded from the Google Play Great now and costs 65.0-crowns.There is no in-app purchase in the game. You can also download the game for iOS here.

Watch the video below for a walkthrough of gameplay.