Women’s Hair with Bangs

Fringe yes or no? Remember that the hairdresser will become your permanent fixture on Friday and in the gym you have to carry a bucket of hairpins. Here are all the problems that can understand the girls who have chosen to have the bangs.

1. You have to cut every 4 weeks

Which means that you are viewing your hairdresser 3 times more than you would like. You’ve always been a bit wild and messy hair. In the end we were going from your hairdresser yes 3 times… a year! Now the result? Your friend looks at you and says, “but you did not cut your hair?” “Yes, I cut them (only meant fringe)”. What can you do? If you are ever thrown to the hairdresser at the end you do not even see the difference.

2. It makes the oily face

Or if we want to use an image best: a glistening forehead.

3. It goes where he pleases

It is completely unmanageable.

4. Seriously: go where he pleases

It seems that typical hairstyle you had in high school before.

5. You have to put the eyeliner every day

It had not calculated that the fringe makes you the tiny eyes like a ferret. Before you had to pass them as Disney princesses, now the new cut swallowed them up, and you only remains to sottilinearli with the make up to make them stand.

6. You have to make the fold every day

You never had the time to do the fold every day. And now your hair that shoot anywhere force you to lose 10 minutes longer every day. What do you think your bangs? That you have all this time?

7. It is terrible in summer

If the front is “shining” in winter, let alone in the summer under the scorching heat.

8. Hats?

And how do you put them? You never know which way to turn them over and flatten the bangs to cover your eyes completely.

9. When you go to the gym is a disaster

You have to remember the circle, but also the two pins to attach the fringe. Otherwise the sweat you will regret it bitterly.

10. With straight hair hairpins slip

If you have fine hair and too smooth you use a dry shampoo otherwise hairpins, or any type of small springs, will not stick.

11. They are difficult to place in a hairstyle high

Unless you are not un’hairstylist professional who is able to make a braid slipping even the fringe, it will be impossible to manage. But so be it.

12. As soon as you leave the house for a special evening look fabulous

Then, however, you start to sweat while dancing and seem scary as Kendall Jenner on the catwalk The ring (because yes, straight out of the horror film).

13. It grows fast

Global warming affects the speed of growth of your fringe, more than contribute to the growth of trees in the Amazon rainforest.

14. You have no idea how to fix it when it grows

Begin to do strange things with pegs. Would you stop the growth before it becomes a cascade of hair on the face.

15. When you decide to delete it you miss

When you are enjoying long locks, you’ll think about that beautiful time when you had that comfortable fringe.