Windows Phone Users Are Impatient

Windows Phone 8.1 was launched at the beginning of April, and even if the update is not officially launched, is 8.1 installed on many devices.

Windows Phone got the update 8.1 under Microsoft annual Conference for software developers, BUILD, at the beginning of April. To the developers could customize their apps to the new Windows Phone 8.1, so developers could get 8.1 already from the 14th April.

But you do not necessarily need to be a developer in order to obtain the update, and it has really many users made use of. The new update added as a lot of new features, features that appear to have been so in demand that WP-users could not wait for the summer, where the full update comes to all.

1.5 million persons have therefore already installed update even if it is less than 10 days ago to 8.1 update came to developers. 1.5 million anslågs to be greater than 3% of all Windows Phone 8 users, and it must be said to be prompt adoptering of 8.1 update.

Among the 1.5 million 8.1 users will certainly be app developers, but Microsoft’s developer program consists “only” by a little over 200,000 developers, so more than one million regular users have simply could not wait a few months to 8.1 update is completely finished and thoroughly tested.

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Here you installed 8.1? why or why not?