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Windows Phone Gives Soon Allowed to View Files

Windows Phone got new life with WP 8.1, but Microsoft has not finished adding more features in the future.

Microsoft gave the Windows Phone a boost with many missing features in the update 8.1. Some of the features have been positive words with on the road, and notification function “Action Center” and voice management “Cortana” commended for, at least, to be on par with Apple and Android’s features.

Microsoft, however, is not finished adding features that its competitors also are enjoying. In an interview with Microsoft’s Joe Bilfiore, he revealed that they are working to make a file manager or Explorer as a feature called for Windows computers.

The interview was made on the website Reddit, where anyone can ask about everything from the sky to the Earth, and there was one of the popular topics a file manager, and therefore lifted Joe Bilfiore revealed that Microsoft hopes to have a file manager ready to WP 8.1 at the end of the month. But as Joe pointed out “hope”, it may be we have to wait until June before we see a file manager.

Incidentally, WP be the first operating system that provides access to the files on your device. Pure Android and iOS does not allow by default that you see and edit the files, but you can however download third party apps that make it possible.

Joe Bilfiore could show some screenshots of the project, which we of course brings forth. What do you think?

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