Windows Phone Arrives at the 6tag, the Most Complete Instagram Client

The Windows Phone had some client applications Instagram, as Oggl but arrives today in Windows Marketplace an application that is closest to the truth of Instagram: it is the 6tag – previously known as 6tagram , but changed its name after intervention of the social network.

In terms of functions, 6tag is basically identical to Instagram: the filters are exactly the same found on the official application for Android and iOS, you can view and upload videos, support geolocated photos and share your photos on social networks. All this was done by a French developer who, through reverse engineering, led to more similar experience to Instagram Windows Phone.

The most curious of all is that the 6tag received the blessing of Facebook to perform functions that the official API Instagram does not offer. This is great for the platform, but it is not a pleasant attitude with other developers who want to make their Instagram apps for Windows Phone. I can see this as a stopgap solution: since they can not bring the official app for the platform, which let other developers in charge of it.

The 6tag is only compatible with Windows Phone 8 and is now available for download in the Windows Store. It is free, but has ads. Through an in-app purchase, you can remove ads and free video upload – you can only send a video in the free version, to leave you with a taste in the mouth and to buy the upgrade at once. A version for Windows Phone 7.8 is promised and should be released soon, to the joy of his old Lumia.