Why do Painters Always Wear White

You see the pants of painters? Do you know why they are white?

Why do Painters Always Wear White

This existential question worthy of an episode of “Who Wants to millions” deserves its place in the pantheon of the most absurd questions posted on this blog.

Just as “Should I buy a second suit pants?” …

At first glance, the white appears as an extremely messy color. To convince you, try wearing white jeans while staying clean.

Push the challenge with an evening in the bars, you’ll see. Otherwise check out my article on the white jeans  for an opinion.

Dig into the white pants painters, I stopped on several projects to seek the opinion of experts on this subject. Nothing better than going to the source when one asks questions.

Test result? A dismal failure … “The painters wear white pants, it’s like that, and that’s it! Bla Bla Bla. ” Until the day I have my chance retried on a construction site next door to me.

And then, bingo!

Painters wear pants for practical reasons primarily, and there is also a little history.

I put the detailed answer below. End of a great mystery!

Why are the white pants painters?

There are two main reasons, the first is historical and the following are practical.

The historical reason

The pants are white painters because historically this color matches the color of the guild of painters. In the past, colors and fabrics were used to distinguish the different existing corporations.

White was awarded to painters because this business was considered one of the less messy at the time. We must recover in the context of the beginnings of the industrial era and of course mechanization.

But this custom continues today in certain professions such as when they have a professional such as doctors, pharmacists and lawyers.

Alongside this historical reason, there are practical advantages to port white pants.

Practical reasons

The second reason relates to the practical needs of the profession:

White is the main color that house painters daubing on walls. The color solids are used, in general, for smaller areas, so fewer stains on the pants!

Furthermore, the pants painters are white and cotton in order to wash more easily A high-temperature wash cycle is needed to remove stains.

Finally, wear white trousers can be handy to check, via wiping the brush on the fabric, the paint that will be used has not been altered by the dust of construction.

Now you know everything!