What Underwear to Wear During Pregnancy?

More fulfilled than ever, it is our sublime beauty and it is fun playing with our clothes.

What Underwear to Wear During Pregnancy?

Happy, radiant, blooming: pregnancy makes us (even more) beautiful! So we took the opportunity to have fun with our dressing room, based on these 10 tips.

1. You Choose Your Essential

During these nine months, the shapes of our bodies are constantly rounding. Buy pregnant underwear more suited, yes. But unless be as rich as Croesus, that’s not why we will change his entire wardrobe every step! This is why it should choose its basic.

Examine your wardrobe to make a small inventory. The ideal is to have a little pants and comfortable, elastic top, a pretty empire dress, a wrap-a tunic …

Black legging is part of must-have because its elastic material will give us an optimum comfort and refine our silhouette, and he will more perfectly with ups and loose dresses.

Now he will do more than mixer.

2. It Adapts His Style to Steps

For about comfort but also style, we do not dress like in the first and last months of pregnancy.

When your stomach is not yet apparent, or very little, we continue to have fun with our usual wardrobe.

The first trimester of pregnancy when the belly starts to appear without it is still obvious to others that this is not an excess of chocolate, the focus is on the discretion in choosing gowns or high fuzzy.

The second trimester is the game! With this belly blossomed and our hell of fishing, it explodes with our dressing, mixing basic and maternity outfits. You feel beautiful and show it!

The third quarter , the focus is on maternity outfits that will host our magnificent all round belly. Shoppons side scalable maternity outfits .

3. Taking Comfortable Materials

Being good in her clothes is more than ever a ruler during pregnancy. So we made two new friends: Mr. and Mrs. Spandex mesh (hello!)..

As its name suggests, the spandex stretches like a rubber band, adapting to our beautiful curves. And besides, it is very comfortable.

It also relies on mesh, in any form, also very elastic and comfortable.

4. Puts His Breast Enhancement

You have beautiful shapes? Take the opportunity to sublimate.

The empire waist, marked under the breasts, the chest puts in value, making it more discreet your can. And besides, is chic!

Do not hesitate to put too fine passes in V. Far from being vulgar, they will enhance your femininity and beauty that constitutes a chance to wear life…

Side vests, will be preferred for the same reasons, the heart and seek. Two in one, it not only has a beautiful V neckline but also emphasizes the chest. Perfect, in fact!

5. Puts His Belly Value

You do not fall into the trap of putting lousy comfortable! The wide, yes, but only if it’s a quick draw and clothing that is suitable to your size.

6. We Play on the Flare

The cuts flared at the sleeves, top, bottom of the dress, can rebalance the silhouette playing on shapes. Convenient!

7. Out the Gams

Two good reasons to adopt dresses during pregnancy: it is very comfortable and in addition you have beautiful legs, so show them off!

8. We Love the Stretch Panel

It is a fan! 6 reasons to adopt it:

  1. It saves us from having a barrel shape.
  2. It underlines our belly which we are all proud.
  3. It tightens smoothly our senior broad motherhood.
  4. It relieves us by supporting our stomach.
  5. It makes us play on colors.
  6. It allows us to continue to wear our T-shirts became too short covering our belly.

9. Puts Heels

Without typing in stilettos, they continue to fly in early pregnancy, our favorite heels! It will refine our shape and give us a more slender look, making our nascent discrete can.

10. We Play with Accessories

Your wardrobe is full? Continue to chill out by playing on accessories!

Belts: stating your stomach with a band belt or cord attached under your belly.

Scarves: they are tied around the neck, in the hair, wrist, … In short, we have fun.

Jewelry: you choose a beautiful necklace to sublimate (even more) our neckline and pretty earrings to make (more) radiate our face.