What Makes a Good Camping Tent

What makes a good tent? Choosing a tent is important to have in mind the following parameters: Number of seats Obredelya how many people can sleep in the tent. It is better if the tent allows +1 persona. This place is an additional but very important if the weather is bad. Some tents offer additional space in the hall. It is also nice if the tent provides extra space for the equipment and cooking.

What Makes a Good Camping Tent


You can find tents with the same weight but have different numbers of seats. The total weight depends on the materials constituting the tent and their qualities. The best materials and fabrics offer lighter weight, longer life backpack, a vast majority of comfort and amenities. Standard weight of Sofa tent is about 3.5-5 kg. The weight depends on what conditions is designed tent. Tents designed for warmer climates are lighter. Vestibule must be usable. Better than the vestibule have a place to batazh an additional place to sleep. The basic premise must be extensively. If you can only stand in the center of the tent with a camping knife, sitting at the Burrell will turn into a nightmare and getting dressed in the morning will be unbearable. If the weight is the key, then it is better to take a small tent. The entrance area must be spacious. Some vestibule entrances are made low and you have to sneak crawled to enter the tent. For the “baggage” a second small vestibule (as the scheme) would be wonderful in rainy weather. The large hall will be “stored” dry equipment and malkiyatmozhe be used as input, with enough space to store dirty and muddy shoes. Number of entries Most tents have one entrance. but some have two. Can not tell which tent is better, that with one or two inputs. Watts entrance tent made more universal and offers perhaps more comfort. Reiki (poles) Reiki is nice to aluminum. Fiberglass break more easily and are difficult to repair. Leading companies produce rods with a diameter of at least 0.333 inches and aluminum. Snow covers Snow covers must completely cover the main body of the tent, keeping it from blowing snow and wind penetration. Carrying pouch tent It gives us information about the size of the tent when packed. The main purpose is to protect the tent from damage and give us a convenient way for transit.


Dark colors are depressing and difficult to tolerate in a storm when you have to stand alone in the tent. Select light and “sweet” colors such as yellow or green, red. dark colors may, however, help you sleep better in daylight. Remember that brown is used in muddy and dirty conditions, just that it was stained tent will hardly be noticed from afar. Application mountaineering trekking climbing cycling camping and hunting.