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What does VPN Mean? Virtual Private Network

The Universal encyclopedia gives as its definition: “network technology that allows an extension of the local network over a public or non-controlled network as for example Internet”. “In statistics is known as the negative predictive value of a diagnostic test”. “In economy is known [with this word] the net present value or net present value of an investment.”

What does VPN Mean Virtual Private Network

This acronym is also used to refer to the virtual page number, used in virtual memory.


Moreover, as the acronym for Virtual Private Network as an extension of the local network is which allows a computer to send and receive data on public or shared networks as if it were a private in terms of safety and its management. To achieve this is made a virtual connection point to point through encryption, dedicated connections or combining both possibilities.

Its use is recommended for organizations such as companies, universities in order to expand the connectivity of safe and inexpensive way of their offices or units with remote users via an Internet access supplied by a third party, without doing it through dedicated WAN links or dial-up.

It is a way also reducing WAN bandwidth costs, and in turn allows the increase in connection speed using a high bandwidth using the Internet such as DSL, cable or Ethernet connectivity.

Also has a large security through encrypted IP security or tunnels vpn Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and technologies of authentication, in this way the data is protected against unauthorized access, when they are transmitted via Virtual Private Network.

The types of connections of this type include:

-remote access where users or providers are connected with the company from remote locations as Officinal in trade, hotels, homes, etc., prepared aircraft using the Internet as access link.

-in point to point which is used for the connection of remote offices with the headquarters of the organization.

-the LAN over which is a variant of remote access, which employs the same enterprise LAN local area network (see here for more) and serves to isolate areas and services on the internal network.

-the tunneling is the encapsulation of a network over another protocol creating in this way a tunnel within a computer network.

Virtual private network, VPN.

“From the office in Bagladesh they are communicating daily via vpn with the headquarters in New York to keep them aware of the costs of inputs in the production of the goods”. Refers in this case to the point-to-point connection within an organization.

“Is is calculating the NPV of the purchase of steel that is ahead.” It applies here, referring to the net present value of an investment.

“Already in the Tokyo hotel could communicate with the company to discuss the novelties of the negotiation via vpn”. In this example, used with the sense of the network that intercoms enterprise with remote users.